Crocodile Creek Lunchbox

Crocodile Creek’s Lunchboxes are made with quality materials with extra lining and padding to keep food fresh and protected. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth after use. The lunchboxes have been tested by labs and have been certified as PVC free, phthalate free, lead safe and conform to all U.S. and European safety standards.

The lunchboxes are available in multiple styles, including but not limited to: dinosaurs, barnyards, fire trucks and solar system. Crocodile Creek also offers matching backpacks to some of the lunchbox styles.

Lunchboxes are not known as the most complicated pieces of school eating equipment, and with two pockets and simple zipper operation, Crocodile Creek’s Lunchboxes fit the bill. Load it with your child’s favorites, zip it up and they’ll be on their way in fun, light style!

Crocodile Creek’s Lunchboxes scored well with our Moms and Dads when it came to our durability testing (also known as every day use). There was no signs of breakdown, all zippers worked well and all seams held tight. After normal days of use by kids all that was needed was a simple wipe down to keep this lunchbox looking great.

Top marks here! We had a chance to review the Dinosaur Lunchbox and a Sunflower Lunchbox, and both children and parents alike loved the look. Bright colors, fun designs, gorgeous artwork come together on these whimsical lunchboxes. Our parents really liked the nice touch and extra attention found on the sides of the boxes where a continuation of the design is printed.

Probably the only thing that our parents weren’t super excited about was the functionality category. The lunchbox comes equipped with, well, just the lunchbox. The extra pocket does allow you to separate hot and cold items, but other than that there are no additional compartments or containers. No additional canteens or coolers. For drinks, for soups, for pretty much all additions to your child’s lunchbox you’ll need to supply the pieces.

With a quick survey of our review team we found that Crocodile Creek priced these lunchboxes right. All of our parents priced it between $15 and $20, and these lunchboxes came in right in between.

Crocodile Creek didn’t invent the lunchbox, but they sure put some really adorable, original designs on the front and sides. Bright colors and great artwork helped earn four stars here.

Great style, great pricing and great durability. The only thing missing was maybe a few included containers, but other than that our parents loved the lunchboxes from Crocodile Creek. And even more important than the parents, our kids loved carrying these lunchboxes and showing them off to their friends!

Manufacturer: Crocodile Creek
Recommended Age: 3 and up
Retail Price: $15.99
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