Lots to Say Baby Pacifier Baby Product Review


Lots to Say Baby Pacifiers turn an everyday necessity into an accessory. While not all little ones can talk yet, Lots to Say Baby Pacifiers provide them with a voice. Available in five colors (pink, blue, green, red and white), the pacifiers contain a symmetrical, BPA-free nipple made of silicone as well as a clear plastic travel carrying cap. The designs include, but are not limited to, the following sayings:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Volume Control
  • Too Cute
  • Whine Connoisseur
  • Just Chillin’
  • No Comment
  • Hi

Pull it out of the the cap and pop it in! Like any other paci or binky, this one serves its purpose – stick it in and hear silence. Of course, a few on the review team had to note – not all babies end up being binky babies, so, for those that don’t have that luxury, Lots to Say Baby Pacifiers won’t be any easier for you (sorry)!

Like most pacifiers, these are dishwasher safe and can be placed in boiling water or hot soapy water to be cleaned. Our review team did make a recommendation to purchase a pacifier clip along with one of these as this one is surely one you don’t want to lose! Also, like most pacifiers, Lots to Say Baby Pacifiers have been made to withstand normal wear and tear, but parents should check often to be sure there aren’t signs of deterioration.

That’s the whole point! Lots to Say Baby Pacifiers score well in this category – cause they’re just that – visually appealing! You’ll want to find the one that suits your child the best both in color and saying, but they really are just a cute accessory.

While many on our review team wanted to give top ratings here as they felt as a pacifier and accessory the product certainly is functional; but, they were overruled by those who would have liked to have seen a pacifier clip along with it. Additionally, our reviewers loved the plastic travel cap that is included – not something that is seen with everyday pacifiers!

Pacifiers are one of those baby items that you need a lot of – so, that makes them something that our reviewers don’t want to pay too much for. With that in mind, Lots to Say Baby Pacifiers are not just pacifiers, they’re accessories serving a dual purpose – therefore, in our reviewers minds worth a little bit more. Our review team guessed a price of about $5 for each – and they were only a little under the actual retail price. Even so, at this price our reviewers concluded that Lots to Say Baby Pacifiers are perfect add-on gifts for showers or other baby parties.

Pacifiers are everywhere – but its the sayings that are unique and give babies a different style. Our reviewers were familiar with accessory-style pacifiers such as those for sports teams, but they weren’t familiar with those that give baby a “voice”.

Lots to Say Baby claims “posh pacis”, “stylin’ soothers”, and “binks with sass!” and we’d have to agree! These pacifiers are just that – a unique way to accessorize your (or a friend’s) little one. Buy up a few to give with shower gifts or just for fun!

Manufacturer: Lots to Say Baby
Recommended Age: 3 months +
Retail Price: $6.00 - $8.00
On the Web: www.lotstosaybaby.com
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