Nap Pack by Crafty Baby

Made special for rest time at school or daycare, Crafty Baby’s all-in-one Nap Pack is a machine washable fleece blanket with an attached pillow and carry handle. The blanket section measures approximately 48 inches long and the pillow attached to the top is 11 x 16 inches – fitting on a standard preschool cot or mat. Once rest time is over, the blanket rolls into itself and is closed by Velcro straps. It is available in both solid and printed designs. Crafty Baby’s Nap Pack is made in the USA.

Undo the Velcro and roll it out – it’s that simple! A little tough for our youngest reviewers to roll back up, but parents or teachers can easily give a helping hand. Our reviewers also noted that it’s important to mention here that the Nap Pack is extremely easy to carry – especially with full arms!

Let’s set one thing straight – our reviewers love just about anything that is machine washable! In addition, our panel took a close look at seams and hems on the Nap Pack and were confident that the blanket along with the pillow would hold up well to everyday use, while being soft and comfortable. Lastly, our reviewers made special note about the attached pillow – no more keeping track of the pillow or telling your little one he/she doesn’t need it – cause it’s right there!

While our review team only had the opportunity to review a couple patterns (sea creatures and hearts), what we saw, we loved! The colors are bright (or subdued, based on what you’re looking for!) and our panel agreed that the rolled up Nap Pack looks super-cute.

So many assets make the Nap Pack a truly functional product. Our reviewers love the idea of having a blanket and pillow together as one – so, number one on the list of functions is its ability to serve as all the bedding a little one needs. Next, the Nap Pack is exceptionally easy to take back-and-forth from daycare, school or grandma’s house. And, lastly, its washability as one unit makes it easy to take care of and use over and over!

Let’s start by saying – our review team knows a great product when they see one! There was no doubt that the Nap Pack would be a worthy investment – but a lot does depend on price. Our reviewers guessed a price for the Nap Pack that was significantly less than the actual retail price, so at about $40 our panel felt the Nap Pack may be a little much for some. The reviewers determined that it would be best suited for those children who are taking naps everyday at a day care or school facility and love cozy fleece.

There are blankets and there are pillows – but not too many are attached or as soft and comfortable as the Nap Pack. Again, our reviewers loved the combo idea as well as the easy of rolling it up all together.

Love, love, love the innovation, the softness, durability and patterns! If your child loves soft things and pleads for a pillow, the Nap Pack may be a worthwhile investment. While priced a bit high, it is obvious that it’s functionality and visual appeal makes it a great product!

Manufacturer: Crafty Baby LLC
Recommended Age: 2 - 7 years
Retail Price: $39.50 - $45.00
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