Clutch Ball by Crafty Baby

Crafty Baby’s Clutch Ball is a soft, durable toy measuring seven inches tall and divided into four sections (some which contain jingle bells) for easy gripping. The ball is made safe for chewing, grabbing and throwing. It is available in numerous printed designs. Crafty Baby’s Clutch Ball is machine washable and dryer safe – and is made in the USA.

Toss it, roll it, shake it – nothing too difficult about any of these! In addition, for little hands, there are many ways to grip it, reducing frustration and enabling even some of our youngest kids to throw a “ball”.

Once again our panel loves children’s toys that are washable – and the Clutch Ball is no different! Babies can chew and gnaw – and then moms (or dads!) can throw it in a warm wash. The Clutch Ball can be thrown or dropped and its not going to break (or break anything it hits).

The Clutch Ball’s interesting shape gives it some added visual appeal. In addition, a wide range of color and design variations are available – our review team liked the designs they had in their hands to review and the little ones were intrigued by all of them.

The Clutch Ball has a few main functions – a ball, a rattle and a teether. While it certainly has multiple purposes, we wouldn’t say it has extreme function. One thing our review team did notice – while the recommended age for the product is up to three years, our two year olds were not all interested in the Clutch Ball; however, our review team felt that if it was a product they had grown up with since just a few months old, they may be more inclined to feel attached to it.

Our panel guessed $10 for the Clutch Ball – so at just over $16, the price is a bit high. As always, our review team admitted they’re a bit frugal, so what’s worth $10 to them may be worth more to someone else – especially those that have little ones who are really into throwing things!

Balls, rattles and easy to grip items for little hands have all been done – the uniqueness here is how Crafty Baby has put all three of these things together!

Roll, shake or toss – get your littlest ones moving. Our review team notes that the Clutch Ball is especially good for those who love to throw at an early age. Perfect idea for a shower or new baby gift add-on as it’s something that hasn’t been seen by many, but provides multiple designs and colors for any taste.

Manufacturer: Crafty Baby LLC
Recommended Age: 3 months - 3 years
Retail Price: $16.50 - 18.50
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