Jazzy Toes – Original Variety for Boys


Jazzy Toes are baby socks that look like shoes. The Original Variety for Boys includes six designs with six colors. Made from 75% cotton, 20% nylon and 5% spandex, the socks feature an elasticized ankle and non-skid grip on the bottom. Jazzy Toes are packaged in a ready-to-mail gift box.

Just put them on your baby and the compliments begin! Our reviewers did find that the socks don’t really fit newborns (too big!) – but our four-month-old as well as one-year-old had no problem comfortably fitting into them.

Wear and wear and wear. With a fairly wide size range, these socks will fit your little ones for quite a while (you’ll be sad when they outgrow them!). Our reviewers loved the non-skid bottom, especially for those at the age where they’re just starting to take a few steps. Parents remembered yanking socks of their kids right about that age because they were an inhibitor rather than an aide, so reviewers were happy to see that this issue had been addressed. The socks wash easily (cold water is recommended) and can be worn again and again.

No one in the room could say anything negative about these super-adorable socks! Everyone had their favorites, from the boots to the sandals our review team was in love. Colors and designs vary, so your little boy could be in a different pair of “shoes” six days a week! Not only did our review team love them, but those lucky enough to take them home and put their on their babies said they got great comments everywhere they went!

As socks, they do what they should – keep baby’s toes warm! But, our reviewers agreed Jazzy Toes are so much more – they give your baby style and coolness! Not only are they great for your baby, but they’re perfectly packaged to give as a gift for a shower or when a little one arrives; so, in the Functionality Category these socks rate extremely well.

Reviewers guess about $25 for the package, so at $27 retail the socks are just a little above our panel’s expectations. With that in mind, our reviewers were quick to note that it most definitely costs some money to dress your kid well! Also, the panel states that they are priced at perfect point for gift-giving.

Not the first cute “shoe” socks many on our review team has seen, however, they were not familiar with any others that come in a unique variety box. The colors and design make this box of socks one of a kind.

Too cute! The company states “cool socks for cool babies” and our review team couldn’t agree more. Great to give as a gift and even better to receive! Our panel loved the Jazzy Toes variety and it left those without little ones to dress wishing they could start all over!

Manufacturer: Jazzies, LLC
Recommended Age: Newborn - 24 months
Retail Price: $27.00
On the Web: www.jazzytoes.com
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