Dapple Cleaning Products

Founded by two moms, Dapple is a line of natural-based, baby-specific household cleaning products. Dapple products, including Dish Liquid, Toy Cleaner Spray and Toy Cleaner Wipes, are formulated to tackle parents’ toughest cleaning challenges in a natural, safe way – free of beach, SLES, parabens, phthalates, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Dapple Dish Liquid, available in 16.9 ounces as well as in travel size, features green technology to target milk residue and baking soda to combat odor. It is formulated to rinse fast, is biodegradable and is fragranced with essential oils. The Dish Liquid is intended to leave no residue, odor or suds.

Dapple Toy Cleaner Spray and Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes feature green technology and harnesses the power of natural ingredients to keep our environment a healthy clean. Both the Toy Cleaner Spray and the Toy Cleaner Wipes use natural ingredients that are safe for baby, yet tough on sticky, dirty toys and games. The Toy Cleaner Spray is available in 16.9 fluid ounces. Toy Cleaner Wipes come 35 wipes per canister and travel packs contain twelve wipes for on-the-go use.

Spray, squirt or pull out and wipe! Yes, you’ll still have to use a little elbow grease. It’s not what all our reviewers wish for (who honestly loves cleaning?); however, it doesn’t get much easier. Of the products our panel reviewed, the easiest by far were the Toy Cleaner Wipes – as the canister states – “Wipe & Play”!

No problems at all in the Durability Category with the Dish Liquid or the Toy Cleaner Spray. Only slight issue with the Toy Cleaner Wipes (like any regular wipes), if the canister is left open or is not sealed tightly, the wipes may dry out!

Cleaner is cleaner – nothing too exciting to look at here; however, the our review panel couldn’t go without noticing the company’s large logo on each bottle in its pink, orange, green and blue – the team found it fresh, colorful and inviting. Additionally, the sterile, clear color of the liquid caught our reviewers eyes – to them, the non-use of coloring within the product reminded them that Dapple is natural-based and free of many of the harmful substances other cleaning products have.

The Toy Cleaner Wipes help Dapple obtain high marks in the Functionality Category! Our moms loved the idea of on-the-go cleaner; recommendations such as leaving a canister in the car or taking one along to grandma’s were verbalized by the team. Reviewers also made special note while reading the bottles – Dapple is not antibacterial – in line with much of the research out there today, this cleaner works more like a wash with soap and water, allowing your baby to continue to build up a strong immune system. The Toy Cleaner Spray and Dish Liquid both did their jobs as well – and while not containing a strong scent, there was definitely a “fresh” scent that all of our reviewers noted.

Just a few dollars more than what our reviewers expected – however, some of our reviewers did note that they would pay the price to keep their kids’ toys clean! What was difficult here for our reviewers was that they’ve reviewed less expensive toy cleaners – keeping that in mind, they really liked the ease of use of the on-the-go wipes and the fresh scent, so they would invest just a little bit more.

Cleaning isn’t new – and “going green” isn’t either – nevertheless our reviewers do love putting the two together for a fresh, natural approach to cleaning baby toys and other items (highchairs, bottles, etc). While not entirely unique, the fact that the product is not antibacterial does stand out in the product category today.

It would be hard for our team not to give this easy-to-use, extremely functional product anything less than top ratings. No, our reviewers, like most, don’t love to clean – in spite of this, they do love products that make everyday cleaning easier. Feel free to spray, squirt or wipe anything little hands touch for a natural, refreshing clean!

Manufacturer: Dapple
Recommended Age: Parents
Retail Price: $5.99 - $6.99
On the Web: www.dapplebaby.com
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