Sport Suit by Happygreenbee Baby Clothing Product Review


Manufacturer: Happygreenbee, Inc.
Recommended Age: 6m - 4 years
Retail Price: $38.00
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Sport Suit by Happygreenbee Baby Clothing Product Review


Happygreenbee’s sporty one-piece suit made of 85% organic cotton and 15% spandex, it intends to flatter bathing beauties and tiny tumblers alike.  With a ruffled skirt, cheerful stripes and simple styling, the suit is easy on, easy off for quick changes.  The organic cotton is grown on living soil free of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers – increasing the health and safety of our water, air and earth.  Happygreenbee, Inc. also prides itself on its commitment to fair trade factories allowing for the best employment practices.

Happygreenbee’s colors are produced with earth-friendly, low impact Swedish dyes.  Therefore, as with most organic products, slight variations in color and style are part of the unique character of the minimally processed natural fibers.

Extremely easy to put on – just put their legs through, pull up and go!  The hard part – our diapered kids and our recent potty-trainees!  While it may make it more comfortable to not have the snaps like a standard onesie, it makes it just a bit harder for quick changes on the go.  For our slightly older kids (three year olds), they’re somewhat used to the style as they are similar to bathing suits – just a little more difficult than skirts or shorts.

Kids = dirty!  Happygreenbee’s Sport Suit is washable – however, it also does contain special instructions for a cold wash.  Additionally, while our reviewers would have guessed that the Sport Suit was intended for use in the pool – the consensus was that it’s not really to be used as a swimsuit or even for running through the sprinklers.  Keeping all this in mind, it does appear that the seams are very well stitched and would be able to be handed down through multiple children.

Love the ruffled, girlie flair!  Our review moms found the colorful stripes playful and intriguing – not every color was for everyone, but they loved color nonetheless.  All moms thought about their little girls romping around on a hot summer’s day in this Sport Suit and quickly gained a cheery smile.

Great as a cute romper with nice, breathable fabric.  Our reviewers had just a couple issues – they didn’t love that the smaller sizes didn’t have snaps for quick changes; secondly, they felt the larger sizes might be too babyish for their three and four year olds.  The girls that tried them on looked cute – but, didn’t seem like they’d have anywhere to go in the Sport Suit.

Our reviewers are quite in tune with baby and kids clothes as they’re buying them all the time – and they may be some of the more frugal shoppers – so opinions may be skewed; however, no matter how you look at it $38 is a significant amount of money for baby, everyday-wear clothing.  Our panel agreed that they love organic, colorful clothes, so they would certainly pay more than average for something of this nature – but at $38 it is definitely an outfit for those that have some extra money to spend!

Bright, organic, fun – unquestionably brings something new to the baby and kids category of clothing.  In addition to the cuteness factor, our reviewers loved the idea that the clothes were well-made by people who were being treated fairly – nothing negative can be said about this!

Visual appeal and originality help Happygreenbee’s Sport Suit achieve a high rating in our reviewers eyes.  Yes, its a bit pricy and maybe not the easiest to use, but the cuteness factor may just outweigh these issues for many of our readers!