PROline by Holeys

The manufacturer of the PROline clog, Holeys, produces innovative lifestyle products featuring technically advanced closed cell polymer foam. Incorporated in their products is SmartCel memory foam to provide comfort, improved support and resiliency. Additionally, all new footwear models produced, include Sole-tek, Holeys’ slip-resistant thermo rubber sole for increased stability and durability.

Made for men and women, the PROline clog has been tested and exceeds OSHA guidelines for slip resistance. They are recommended for professional environments such as hospitals and restaurants. The shoes are available in adult sizes, starting with women’s size four (XS) through men’s size thirteen (XXL). All sizes in the PROline include a built in arch and tarsal support and massaging footbed. The adjustable heel strap is used to ensure the clog stays securely on the foot. The shoes structure includes a reinforced upper to guard against falling objects. as well as an insole to absorb moisture that can be removed to customize with your own. Additionally, as with all Holeys products, the shoes are antimicrobial and odor resistant.

Slide your feet in or slide your feet out. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Specifically, Holeys Proline would be great for kids with jobs working in restaurants or hospitals, and believe us, they’ll know when to slip them on or slip them off!

All of Holeys shoes are made well, but Holeys PROline takes their quality to an even higher level. Remember, they are tested to exceed OSHA’s guidelines for slip resistance. Our review team was sure to point out that if they had ever slipped wearing a similar style of shoe – and this extra slip resistance was definitely helpful in keeping the durability rating high.

Holeys PROline didn’t score super-high with our review team in the looks department. But remember, these are designed specifically for work – and even with that in mind Holeys has added a nice variety of flashy colors and styles.

Functionality is PROline’s strongest category! Added slip resistance, easy to clean, anti-microbial and odor resistant – our review team couldn’t ask for much more in a work shoe!

The review team fell about $5 short of the actual retail price when guessing the cost of the PROline. With that said, none were too turned off by the $35 price tag when it comes to a comfortable, durable work shoe.

The added slip resistance helped keep our review team feeling good in the Originality category. Add that to the fact that these are designed pretty much for work purposes and our team felt strong enough to say this shoe was original enough to earn four stars.

Overall the review team felt that Holeys PROline was a really well designed shoe for work purposes – especially in places where slipping was a concern (bus boys, dishwashers, hospital volunteers, etc.). As a younger crowd they weren’t terribly thrilled with the look, but all agreed for comfort and performance, the PROline would be a good pair of shoes to have on their tired feet.

Manufacturer: Holeys
Recommended Age: 12 years and up
Retail Price: $34.99
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