Magic Tricks R4 Kids DVD with Will Roya

For kids ready to learn magic — look no further then Magic Tricks R 4 Kids! On this DVD series professional Las Vegas magicians Will Roya & Joan DuKore are there to teach you some of the most amazing magic tricks that you will be able to perform for your family and friends with little or no practice. From the basics of magic to some of their all time favorite tricks, you’ll be able to watch, learn and perform along with 20 other kids.

Volume 1 Contents:

  • Rules of Magic
  • Linking Paper Clips
  • String Surprise
  • Jumping Rubber Band
  • Up the Nose
  • Coin Thru Hanky
  • Vanish #1 (Confederate Method)
  • Vanish #2 (Rubber Band Method)
  • Vanish #3 (Pant Pocket Method)
  • Vanish #4 (Shirt Pocket Method)
  • Disappearing Wrapper
  • Straw Challenge
  • Static Straw
  • Sticky Straw
  • Bonus Trick: Penetrating Coin
  • Extras: Interview with Will & More!

For magicians of all ages and sizes, Will Roya is ready to get you in on the act! Pop in the DVD, grab the supplies Will tells you to, and you’ll be on your way to performing some of his most cool, most fun magic tricks in no time at all! The DVD has a few different options for you to watch and learn (more on that later), and Will and Joan break down all the tricks in simple to understand steps and language. The review team all felt the same way – it couldn’t get much easier than this!

This DVD is targeted towards children ages 7 and up. Under normal circumstances, if we have a DVD for kids a little bit older, the review team has no concerns. But…with kids as young as 7 years old ready to learn tricks, some of the parents on our review team felt they’d need to learn how to properly care for a DVD at the same time to make sure it stayed in good condition.

Our review team was really impressed with the look of Magic Tricks R4 Kids. The set design and production is light and fun, and there are plenty of kids around oooohing and aaaaahing at the tricks – just the kind of encouragement younger magicians are often looking for. Bright, fun, and easy to follow.

Here is one area that our review team was absolutely thrilled. Let’s break it down for you….you can watch the magic show straight through, you can watch the tricks and learn them individually, or you can pick whichever trick you want to learn and go right through it. The review team could not think of any more functionality Will could pack into this program – great job!

On their blind survey, the review team all priced this about $5 less than actual retail. It really is a great program that is well put together, but our parents would have liked to see it just a bit less expensive.

With a variety of options out there to teach children magic, this isn’t exactly a brand new concept. But Will and Joan take the viewing audience through the act in such a patient, easy-to-understand fashion, that our review team really didn’t think there could be anything out there that’s better. That’s enough to keep the originality rating high!

Overall the review team loved Magic Tricks R4 Kids! When they watched the tricks through without the explanations, they all liked the show a lot. Then when it was time to break down the tricks and learn, they were blown away. Will and Joan take viewers patiently on a journey of learning magic – and we loved the ride!

Manufacturer: Will Roya & Company
Recommended Age: 7+
Retail Price: $24.95
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