Mothers Minder Reminder Bracelet

The Mothers Minder Reminder Bracelet helps moms remember when you last fed your baby, put your baby down for a nap and/or when your baby woke up, or gave a last dose of medicine. For breastfeeding moms, the bracelet can be placed on the wrist that corresponds to the breast that you finished nursing. For your next feeding, refer to the bracelet to know which breast to offer your baby first, then switch breasts and place the bracelet on the other wrist.

By using the bracelet you will have the opportunity to learn your baby’s natural routine; eating, burping, diaper changes and sleeping. It will enable you to quickly assess your baby’s needs, thus reduce stress for you and your baby. The bracelet will help you do away with your old-fashioned log.

Bracelets are available in many colors in silicon or stainless steel (with baby blue, pink, sunflower, black, white and lavender embellishments).

In comparison to a daily written log, the Mothers Minder Reminder Bracelet makes it super-easy. Following sleepless nights and hours of exhaustion some of the moms on our panel wondered how they ever made it through it all without one! That being said, there are just a couple issues our reviewers found with the stainless steel bracelet. While delightful to look at (we’ll get to that in “visual appeal”), the bracelet is a little tricky to use – moving the slider is difficult as it’s affixed fairly tight. When our reviewers pulled at the bracelet to adjust the slider, the bracelet tended to pinch our reviewers skin quite a bit once they let go. While not a major issue, it would just be something you’d need to get some practice at so as to not pinch yourself each time you use it. Additionally, the Roman numerals utilized on the stainless steel bracelet would take some getting used to, especially at three o’clock in the morning. On the other hand, the silicon version was a snap to use! Easy to put on and take off, simple to read numbers and extremely lightweight.

Both the stainless steel and silicon versions of the Mothers Minder Reminder Bracelet rated well in this category. The slider is fit very tight and doesn’t appear that it will breakdown or fall off.

It’s a nice bracelet, but by no means is it Tiffany! Keeping in mind its purpose, our panel agreed that both the stainless steel and silicon versions are pleasing to the eye. The stainless steel version is pretty and in most situations an on-looker wouldn’t recognize it as a mommy reminder. The silicon version is similar to other fundraising bracelets – with the added numbers and slider. While our moms specifically took a look at the pink version, they agreed that its good to recognize there are many other color options as well.

Ooooh….Aaaaah. Awesome! That’s what our pro breastfeeding moms had to say. Gone are the days of needing a rubber band on your wrist or a notepad with scratchings such as 2L (fed at 2 o’clock, left breast) to remember which breast to offer your child next. In the early months, keeping track of nap times during the day or soiled diapers when you need to be counting could be a breeze. Our reviewers agreed – until you become a mom you really don’t realize just how difficult it is to remember everything (or anything!) when you’re running on fumes. The Mothers Minder Reminder Bracelet will give you some of that memory back (even if it’s cheating!). We must admit, our dads just didn’t get it – but our moms made it clear – this would be a great tool with tons of functionality for any new mom trying to get to know and understand her baby’s rhythm.

The Mothers Minder Reminder Bracelet rates extremely well in this category. At a price point of just $5, the silicon version may be under-priced (did we really say that?!). At $19.99, the stainless steel bracelet was at the exact price our reviewers guessed. As a side note, our moms did point out that when it comes down to it they’d pretty much pay any price for a product that would help them keep their sanity!

Our moms were aware of a couple other bracelets available for a similar purpose – some had even used them previously. What our moms were extremely interested in was the silicon version as they were not familiar with this variety – and thought the simple, less expensive version was a perfect add-on to any baby shower gift.

Difficult to figure out what your baby wants now? You may not realize what you’re missing by not having an easy way to keep track of your baby’s needs. The Mothers Minder Reminder Bracelet will help you get in tune with your baby, making every day a calmer and more enjoyable experience. Our reviewers highly recommend this product as a shower gift – and even think doctors should encourage moms-to-be to purchase to help keep mom’s sanity during baby’s first months of life.

Manufacturer: D.V. Family, Inc.
Recommended Age: Parents/Caregivers
Retail Price: Silicon - $4.99
Stainless Steel - $19.99
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