The Shred Sled

Shred Sled is an all new four-wheel, dual-deck caster board that combines skateboarding and snowboarding maneuvers into one. The four 80-mm, polyurethane, inline wheels and ABEC-5 bearings provide more control than two wheels, as well as easy acceleration without having to push off. The inlined caster trucks and pivoting deck provide a snowboard-like carving ability. Additionally, the concave decks are provided to allow for better foot control, including a grip surface for traction. The patented flexible connector allows for freedom of movement unlike other boards on the market.

Shred Sled’s all new technology is available in red, blue and black.

First, we’ll talk about the newbies – then the old pros. We had a few “never rode a carve or caster board, never been snowboarding” reviewers on the team – but they just had to try to jump on because it looked so cool! We had one that said she couldn’t do it (not one of our most coordinated reviewers, might we add) – but then another that was able to get it moving right away! As for our old pros – they LOVED it because they were able to jump right on, get it moving and investigate the new tricks they could work on. One note was that while there here were directions included, the directions didn’t offer any specific breakdown of some advanced tricks (the riders could have cared less by the way – they were working on them on their own).

So, the Shred Sled is brand new technology and our reviewers only had a brief chance to get to know the ins and outs of the board, however, our kids tested it to the max on their first shot. One jumped (accidentally) on the connector, but there appeared to be no weakness. The board itself is incredibly strong and doesn’t seem like it would breakdown anytime soon unlike other wheels – made out of polyurethane they are obviously made to last. The wheels did show a little wear after the first use; however, all that really seemed to be on them was dirt from the sidewalks and road!

These boards were seriously made to look cool – and probably 90% of the reason our newbies wanted to jump on the Shred Sled! Our team’s favorite color was the red – but blue and black are pretty cool too. The shiny surface, along with the grip surface and the “little gray spikes” made this board 100% AWESOME!

Because our pros were used to “old” boards, their first ride was used to determine if they could do the same tricks – most answered “yes” – however, there were a couple, specifically wheelies and grinding, that they were having a hard time accomplishing on the new board due to the flexible center. That being said, they were excited to find some new tricks too! Our kids loved being able to spin on the wheels and use the flexibility of the center while going off the sidewalk and onto the street. What did our parents think? Since they weren’t the ones riding, they were particularly noticing the exercise the kids were getting – while regular boards seem to focus on the legs and balance, the Shred Sled seems to place more emphasis on the waist muscles (in addition to the legs).

Our reviewers knew they wouldn’t be cheap – they could tell based on the construction and durability of the board that the price tag would reflect the workmanship. The guess was that it would cost around $90 – only about $10 less than the actual retail price – so really not far off at all!

Skateboards – done. Snowboards – done. Four-wheels and flexible centers – you got it – never been done! So, the idea of riding a caster board is old, but the new technology of the Shred Sled is most definitely a unique addition to the market.

Get ready to ride, carve and shred! Our review team agreed that the Shred Sled might just be the all new hit in the caster board market. None of our kids wanted to give up their Shred Sled at the end of the review session – it was most definitely a winner with our team. We’re sure we’ll be seeing these everywhere in no time!

Manufacturer: SkyKing Worldwide
Recommended Age: 8 years +
Retail Price: $120.00
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