Kissa’s Fitted Cotton Fleece & Organic Cotton/Hemp Diapers

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Kissa’s Fitted Cotton Fleece Diapers are custom-made diapers, made right here in the USA. Kissa’s Fitted Cotton Fleece Diaper is made of 90% cotton, 10% recycled polyester.

Kissa’s Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diapers are a mix of naturally durable and anti-bacterial hemp and certified organic cotton – 55% natural hemp, 45% organic cotton.

Features of the diapers include the following:

  • Textured fabrics and elastic at leg and back openings to help contain runny messes and floods
  • Stretchy elastic for a snug fit without binding
  • Adjustable wing snaps
  • Overlapping wings on larger sizes to fit thin babies
  • Low-rise front and full coverage in back
  • Simple design

To use, unsnap and lay the diaper flat with the tag on the outside (tag goes outside to keep from scratching or irritating sensitive baby skin). Lie the baby on top and use adjustable snaps. To wash, shake solids in toilet and store in dry pail. Machine wash diaper in hot water (avoid bleach or fabric softener) and dry on medium to high heat. Diapers can be used again and again.

So…think that a cloth diaper is either going to be more difficult to use than a disposable? You’d be wrong – and our review panel confirmed it. With Kissa’s diapers there are no diaper pins to use and with the added adjustability factor these were easy dress their babies in. Easy as could be!

Our review team was very pleased with how well these diapers were made. All snaps are quality made and hold tight, and all of the stitching appeared to be very solid. Kissa’s Organic Cotton/Hemp Diapers add an extra level of absorbency.

One area that didn’t require too much discussion was visual appeal! All of our Moms agreed that these diapers were absolutely adorable! Colorful packaging is easy on the eyes, but more importantly, the diapers are as snuggly soft as they look!

While it may appear that your baby is wearing their diaper inside out, their was definite thought that went into placing the Kissa’s tag on the back of this diaper – no scratchy backsides! The elastic adds a level of stability and they are so soft our reviewers commented on lots of happy tushies! By their nature alone, cloth diapers tend to be a bit less absorbent that some disposables, and our reviewers were sure to point out you’d need a good diaper cover for added protection.

Well….this is the biggie right? There is always a lot of discussion about whether it is less or more expensive to use cloth diapers versus disposables. And after quite a bit of discussion, our reviewers were unwilling to be the ones to settle the argument! They did add that you would want to have quite a few Kissa’s on hands for the inevitable accidents, illnesses and everyday poops. Kissa’s diapers do cover a wide size of bottoms – the ones we reviewed covered from 10lbs all the way to 25lbs, so you’ll be able to use them for quite some time before moving to the next size.

Cloth diapers are not an original idea, we’d actually call them more of a throwback. Our review team was happy to add originality points for how well they were designed – extra soft and extremely adjustable. Let’s just say, these weren’t the cloth diapers your grandparents used!

Overall our review team was impressed with Kissa’s cloth diapers – both the fleece and the organic cotton/hemp models. The general opinion was using one of these cloth diapers was like putting a baby blanket on your babies bottom! If Moms and Dads are able to handle a little more mess, then there may be a few more happy tushies out there! It just may be time to add this update classic to your baby supplies!

Manufacturer: Kissaluvs
Recommended Age: Birth+
Retail Price: Cotton Fleece $12.95
Organic Cotton/Hemp - $16.95
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