JJ Cole Travel Pod Set


The JJ Cole Collections Travel Pod Set is comprised of a bottle pod, diapers and wipe pod and a pacifier pod all in coordinating colors. The bottle pod keeps baby’s bottle, food or sippy cup warm or cold for regular meal time on-the-go. The diapers and wipes pod holds diapers and wipes, as well as an included changing pad. The pacifier pod is used to keep baby’s pacifier clean and handy. Some other features of the Travel Pod Set include:

  • “Attach anywhere” handles
  • Wipes clean with a wet cloth and machine washable
  • Changing pad in matching fabric is included
  • Pacifier pod holds two pacifiers

Just grab and go! The JJ Cole Collections Travel Pod Set does not require any set up – except for putting in your baby’s necessities (diapers, wipes, bottles and pacifiers). The “attach anywhere” handles will do just that – just snap them on! The pods are also easy to open and close – through use of all sorts of fasteners (Velcro, magnets).

Music to our moms ears – machine washable! It appears that you’d easily be able to wipe clean any spots from the fabric in between washes. The pods could be used individually or all together – inside or outside a diaper bag or attached to a stroller.

Reviewers agreed the pattern they were viewing was quite cute – and after taking a closer look at the other patterns available in the line they were sure there was something for everyone. Reviewers made special note of the packaging – all three pieces together with a “To and From” tag – perfect for a gift set.

A great addition to a diaper bag – but not an item that can stand alone. The individual pieces can be used as necessary – attached to a stroller or placed inside a diaper bag. The bottle holder is even big enough for Mom’s water bottle – a plus for some of our reviewers. The included changing pad may be good for already padded tushies as it is quite lightweight.

Based on the functionality, our reviewers agreed this product’s price tag was a little high for their tastes. As a gift, they felt it may be acceptable, especially if the color purchased matched the baby’s stroller or mom’s diaper bag.

All of the pod pieces are available and marketed separately (diaper and wipe holders, pacifier pods and bottle holders) – what makes the JJ Cole Collections Travel Pod Set unique is the packaging and color coordination. The three pieces match well, can go together or be used separately. Our reviewers liked how the pieces complemented each other which made it a great gift idea.

If you’re looking to get your diaper bag organized or want small items to easily attach to your stroller, the JJ Cole Collections Travel Pod Set will be perfect for you! Our reviewers agreed that while it’s not a must-have, it is just the thing for someone who would like all of their accessories to match.

Manufacturer: JJ Cole Collection
Recommended Age: Newborn - 3 years
Retail Price: $29.95
On the Web: www.jjcoleusa.com
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