JJ Cole Logic Diaper Bag


The JJ Cole Collections Logic Diaper Bag is a compact bag designed to fit mom’s and dad’s basic needs. The Logic’s hands and arms free carrying system has an adjustable around-the-body design intended to fit both parents. The bag contains eight customized compartments. Features of the bag include the following:

  • Removable, insulated bottle holder
  • Compartment for diapers and wipes
  • Included coordinated changing pad
  • Multiple pockets for small items
  • Quick release for easy on/off
  • Attachable to stroller

The Logic Diaper Bag has been designed to allow parents to be organized, yet totally flexible to enjoy moments with baby hands-free and worry-free.

This bag must have been invented with the intention to rate well in this category! Reviewers thought everything about the bag was easy – from putting it on to accessing all of the compartments. Putting it on was a breeze – and so easy to adjust from person-to-person. Don’t want it on your back, just easily attach it to your stroller and you’re off. The quick release latch will have you changing your kid in no time!

Reviewers agreed that the weight, style and stitching of the bag made it seem extremely sturdy. However, it doesn’t say its machine washable – only spot clean – so reviewers agreed that the Logic Diaper Bag couldn’t get top marks in this category. In addition, the included changing pad is meant for a small child as it is incredibly small and not padded at all; however, with this in mind, the bag does appear to be great for walks and quick trips to the playground – so having a very lightweight changing pad may be just what you want!

This is not a the glamorous diaper bag for first-time moms! With its sporty looks and color variation, our reviewers agreed that the Logic Diaper Bag is perfect to share with dads. Moms headed off to the gym or for a jog with baby in tow may find this bag a great addition to their home.

Reviewers noted that this had to be the second category that the JJ Cole Collections Logic Diaper Bag was developed for. If you’re looking for functionality, look no further! Our reviewers were astounded – the eight compartments, including easy access to a cell phone pocket, keys and a water bottle were on the top of the list. Long walks, hikes and trips to the playground could be much easier with this highly functional bag. One reviewer noted that the bag would be perfect for trips to a theme park – no need to leave the bag with the stroller – perfect size to stand in a long line (with snacks!) and go on a ride! Reviewers did agree that this was not a diaper bag that would be quite as good for infants, as there’s not too much space for a change of clothes – but would be perfect for parents of toddlers.

Wow! All that for only $29.95? It’s not often that our reviewers are pleased with a price – but our panel said they’d be willing to pay even a little bit more!

Diaper bags aren’t all that original – but this one IS! It’s new and inventive – great for both moms and dads! Our panel hadn’t seen a bag quite like it and were really loving it!

We’ve finally found the perfect “family” diaper bag! Most diaper bags are huge – but this one is a nice, easy size that dads can’t complain about. Our reviewers loved its sporty look and thought the idea of heading off with their toddlers to the park or on a trip would be perfect! Lastly, reviewers agreed this was a great gift for a couples shower – or if you don’t want to leave out the dad-to-be!

Manufacturer: JJ Cole Collections
Recommended Age: Newborn - 3 years
Retail Price: $29.95
On the Web: www.jjcoleusa.com
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