JJ Cole Diaper & Wipes Caddy

The JJ Cole Collections Diapers & Wipes Caddy provides space for all of your changing needs. This nursery companion contains a top shelf with space to hold a large wipes dispenser along with a drawer below for extra diapering needs (cotton balls, balms and other small items). Additionally, an accessible pocket holds the included changing pad, alongside the area for diapers, baby lotion and powder. A handle is provided to transport the caddy from room to room. The caddy is available in a range of colors to compliment the nursery – and can also be used for travel.

Easy to put all the necessities in and transport around the house – only thing that would be easier would be an automatic tushy cleaner! Only slight problem our review team found was a bit of “sticking” when trying to pull out the drawer, but since it’s not on any sort of rails, it was just a matter of pressing a finger against the caddy and opening smoothly – really not a huge issue at all.

The actual box is made out of 100% paper chipboard – a cause for a little concern by our review team. Moms (of boys!) first response was “What if it gets peed on?”. The reviewing moms had all used plastic diaper caddies in their baby’s nursery – so, durability was top priority. It does appear that it will spot clean just fine with a damp cloth, so just be sure not to soak it in water!

Looks nice and super-cute were the most popular adjectives used. The review team took some time to take a look at the other color variations and agreed that they could all be a great addition to any area of the home (it wouldn’t have to stay in the nursery!).

This little item packs a whole lot of functionality. First, the amount of baby “stuff” it will hold is spectacular. Reviewers loved how the wipes were propped up in the caddy allowing for extremely easy access. On top of all this – there’s a changing pad included that is perfect for use throughout your home. The rubber feet also will keep the bottom from getting dirty and scratching surfaces around the house. A couple specific uses our reviewers thought of for this product – multi-level homes and grandma’s house – with its transportability and pleasing color variations it would function well in both situations!

Extremely functional, but a bit to pricy for our cost-conscious reviewers – they would have liked to have seen the price point around ten dollars less, but could see a definite use for the product in the right homes (multi-level and large especially).

There are a bunch of diaper caddies out there, but the JJ Cole Collections Diaper & Wipe Caddy makes a name for itself with its visual appeal. Our reviewers couldn’t think of a caddy that they had seen that was more pleasing to the eye than this one!

Almost as cute as your baby’s tush! Reviewers loved the looks and the amount of space the little caddy provided – room for everything needed for diapering a baby. A little bit expensive, but perfect for grandma’s house or your living room.

Manufacturer: JJ Cole Collections
Recommended Age: Newborn - 3 years
Retail Price: $29.95
On the Web: www.jjcoleusa.com
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