Bowwowmeow Pet Ornaments

The BowWowMeow Pet Ornament kit allows kids to create miniature works of art that celebrate their four-legged family members. The kit contains four papier-maché shapes (star, rectangle, square and circle) and colorful, shiny decorating materials (paint, brush, glitter glue, gem stones, alphabet stickers). Kids can add their own photos and creativity to the included materials to personalize their pet ornaments.

Ready-to-kits are usually quite easy – but our panel was missing one item they really felt they needed – tweezers! The included items are generally easy to use and the project is fairly easy to complete – however, in order to successfully place on the alphabet stickers (especially to dot an “i”), you’ll need a pair of tweezers on hand – these things are tiny! It would also be helpful to use the tweezers when sticking on rhinestones so that you don’t get your fingers all sticky in the glue. The directions are simple, and our reviewers felt that with all the items provided, the task is so easy that directions wouldn’t even need to be included (although they’re helpful with recommendations!).

The end result seems quite durable – it’s a piece of art that can hang from just about anywhere (the instructions recommend a chandelier, your rear view mirror or to dangle them from your ears?!). Our reviewers were a little surprised at first that the ornaments were made of  papier-maché rather than being ceramic, but after some discussion the group decided they could look just as nice – and if they dropped they likely wouldn’t shatter!

Well, it depends – are you an artist or not? A couple of the ornaments our team made looked pretty snappy, others, let’s just say, left something to be desired. Obviously it’s hard to just in this category when we’re talking about an art project – so, reviewers agreed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Our panel decided they needed to review the Bowwowmeow Pet Ornaments in two parts – as a project and as a final piece of art. For an art project, the kit functions fairly well – with the exception of the aforementioned need for tweezers, everything else needed (excluding a picture of your pet) is right inside the box. Also, reviewers noted that you don’t really have to make a pet ornament out of this – nothing inside really has anything to do with your furry friend. The panel would have liked to have seem some additional stickers or just about anything else that screamed “this is about your pet”. The second half of the review of functionality is about the final work of art. Really, is it necessary? Probably not. Is it cute and fun if you’ve got somewhere to place it? Definitely.

At $14.99 our panel felt the price tag was a little high – they’d contemplate the purchase for a just a few dollars less. The included items – rhinestones, glitter glue, paint and stickers really help this package increase its value.

After reviewing other Bowwowmeow items, our reviewers are pretty sure that this company means to be original – and that it is. No one on the team was aware of any type of ornaments that were marketed specifically for animal lovers – and this one certainly accomplishes that goal.

Looking for a way to commemorate your four-legged friend – Bowwowmeow probably has something for you! Bowwowmeow’s Pet Ornaments are a great addition to the rest of their line of fun, artsy pet projects. A little pricy and not all that functional, but entertaining nonetheless!

Manufacturer: Bowwowmeow
Recommended Age: 8 years +
Retail Price: $14.99
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