The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin “Sail Away” & “Fly Away”

This debut series of beautifully illustrated, simple text picture books is a collection of magical journeys fresh from a child’s mind. Kevin Bonbevin, who is not quite seven, turns the ordinary into the extraordinary with fanciful tales to far-away places. Every story engages the reader from start to finish with imaginative, rhythmic narrative, vivid color illustrations and surprise endings.

“Sail Away” Hop on board as Kevin Bonbevin sets sail for Spain on a boat “that he made from wood, nails and a shade – the mast was his Grandfather’s cane.” This first installment, Sail Away, is just the beginning of a series that is sure to be the start of your child’s keepsake literary collection.

“Fly Away” The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin continue as he embarks on a journey into space with his little brother and friends in tow.

About the Author
Nearly forty years ago, when his first grade teacher suggested the character of Kevin Bonbevin for one of his stories, Kevin Caraccioli embarked on his journey to put in print his magic tales of the fantastic imagination of a child. Now, with his own son as inspiration, Kevin has completed the first two installments of The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin and is well on his way to completing the next of this young boy’s magical adventures.

The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin are wonderfully illustrated, expertly crafted books. Read them to the youngest little ones, or for your 5 year olds and up, hand them the book and turn them loose! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Each book is a nice sized 10.75″ tall x 8.5″ wide. These aren’t board books, so the youngest of children may not be able to handle them well, but for children a little bit older they are perfect. The dust jacket is removable (which some of our parents strongly recommend for safekeeping), and the book jacket illustrations are carried on the actual hardcover. Our Moms and Dads certainly didn’t say this was indestructible, but with proper care The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin should last a lifetime.

Wow! Bright, colorful, detailed – these were among the bevy of positive comments our Moms, Dads and their children had to say about The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin. From a strictly visual perspective, these stories and their illustrations are truly 5 Star Worthy!

The only function that we ask of a book for this age range is that it captures the attention of its audience – and The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin certainly captured our children’s attention. Between the colors, the wonderful rhyming technique and the fun stories, Kevin Bonbevin has our little ones involved from the get go.

$18.95 seemed a little bit steep to our parents. Most of our parents felt that $10 was the appropriate price for a children’s book – and many commented that they like to go to larger retailers where you can often find some children’s stories discounted. The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin are a little larger in size than some other story books and the pictures are wonderful, but some of our group still felt this was priced just a bit too high.

Children’s books are children’s books are children’s books – right? Wrong! With incredible illustrations, lovely storytelling and imaginative adventures Kevin Bonbevin stands outs from the rest! These are smart, fun stories that entertained our children and their parents.

Outside of a little questioning of pricing our Moms and Dads loved Kevin Bonbevin. And there was no questioning by our kids – Kevin Bonbevin took them on adventures and they were happy to travel along for the ride! From the artwork, to well crafted rhythmic lines, to fun and exciting stories – The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin has it all – and we can’t wait for more!

Manufacturer: All New Materials
Recommended Age: 1 year +
Retail Price: $18.95 per book
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