Sunshine Castle from Rainbow Play Systems

The Sunshine Castle Deluxe Package II is built just like Rainbow’s original Rainbow Castle Feature Model, with a slightly smaller size. The ultimate in backyard, family fun!
Perfect for today’s families and today’s yard size. Each Sunshine Castle includes:

  • 25 Square Foot Castle Fort
  • Easy-Climb Main Structure
  • Step/Chain Ladder with Safety Handles
  • Easy-Climb Main Structural RockClimbing Wall with Rope
  • 10′ Safety Scoop Slide
  • Jacob’s Rope Ladder
  • Original Rainbow Colors Canopy and Flags
  • Chalkboard
  • 360° Heavy Duty Tire Swing
  • 2 Station Swing Beam – Fully Equipped
  • Grab n’ Go Bar Above Slide
  • Trapeze/Rings Combo
  • Knotted Rope with Disc
  • Ship’s Wheel
  • Binoculars

Dimensions: 25.5 ft long x 12 ft wide x 12.5 ft high.

With Rainbow Play Systems, it just couldn’t get any easier. Each unit is purchased through a local distributor, and they take care of the rest! Delivery and set-up is included in the price – and believe us – your kids will know just how to use it!

We had the kids (and lots of them) put the Sunshine Castle through the motions – and we are happy to report, no lose bolts or squeaky wheels. We’ll be keeping the play set in the great outdoors, obviously, so we’ll be sure to report back how well it weathers. But after the first week – all connections are sound!

5 Stars all the way! Sunshine Castle is bright, fun, and colorful! It looks like as much fun as it is!

The Sunshine Castle is jam packed with activities for the kids! Swings, rope swing, slide, rock-climbing wall, ladder, monkey bar, chalk board, binoculars – even a ship’s wheel! The Sunshine Castle encourages active outdoor play, and imagination as well! Underneath the playhouse they even found room for a tire swing! Rainbow Play Systems used every inch of this set for fun!

Well…here is the only issues our parents had when it came time to review the Sunshine Castle. Unfortunately it is not inexpensive. However, you do get what you pay for. Many of our parents were disappointed in play sets they had owned in years past. In this case, inexpensive play sets often means play sets that are not well put together or durable. Our Moms and Dads did feel that if money was not an issue, Sunshine Castle would be their choice!

Top to bottom – this is one outstanding play set! Sure, we’ve seen swing sets and we’ve seen slides, but to put all of the features together in one compact, durable package – Rainbow Play Systems has created a true original!

Even with the high price tag, the Sunshine Castle from Rainbow Play Systems earned its 5-star rating. Original, durable, an insane amount of play opportunity all came together with this one play set to create hours of outdoor fun! Great job Rainbow Play Systems!

Manufacturer: Rainbow Play Systems
Recommended Age: 3 years +
Retail Price: Contact Local Dealer
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