‘Round The Farm

Oink! Meow! Bark! Ribbit! “Round The Farm is a soft, colorful, animal ball that is divided into four fun faces – Dog, Cat, Piggy and Frog! When a child presses the right ear of each animal, they’ll here each animal making their favorite animal noises! Plus there is a bell chime tucked inside to aid in keeping their attention. ‘Round The Farm is designed to help babies develop motor skills through catching, rolling, grabbing (and giggling)!

A simple roll of the ball rings a bell, and an easy pinch on an ear had this adorable little guy (or should we say “these adorable little guys”) making their special animal noises for our babies. Our little ones took right to ‘Round The Farm, and it kept their attention for even longer than we expected.

ALEX does it again when it comes to durability. Now, after a good day of drooling, you can’t exactly throw ‘Round The Farm in the washing machine, but a good hand washing and towel dry got the job done right, and all of our parents were happy to roll “Round The Farm back to their kids.

Very, very eye-catching! With so many bright colors and so many happy animal faces, our babies had lots to look at, and they liked it all!

Obviously it is easy for an infant to roll this ball over, or turn it around to see the different animal faces. The problem here was that the ears (while designed intentionally small to increase dexterity) were a little difficult for all of our children to squeeze and make their sounds. It’s true that there was reason behind the sizing and design, our babies would have liked them to be just a tiny bit more user friendly!

Price is really the only downfall our panel had. $24.99 seems a lot for a stuffed-animal-type toy for babies. Our group really felt that a price point of $14.99 would have been much more appropriate. If price is not an object when it comes to buying gifts for the little boy or girl in your life, then you have our full endorsement. If you are the kind of shopper who is looking for value out of every item you purchase (like many of our parents were), you may want to look elsewhere.

Definitely fun and definitely original! We have seen other animal-ball toys before, some that even make animal noises, but putting four together in one fun package for baby is a great idea!

Our big problem here is the price – other than that – we loved ‘Round The Farm! It is a fun, happy, bright toy that makes the sounds your children will want to hear again and again (even if you don’t!). Another well thought out, well designed toy from ALEX!

Manufacturer: ALEX
Recommended Age: 6 months - 2 years
Retail Price: $24.99 each
On the Web: www.alextoys.com
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