Paper Factory

With the help of the Paper Factory from ALEX, your child can turn ordinary paper into colorful creations! Each kit includes the tools they’ll need to make their very own paper – perfect for unique cards, photo frames or gift tags! Each Paper Factory kit includes detailed instructions on the art of paper making along with a plastic basin, paper making tray, 2 screens, 2 boards, construction paper, poster paints, wooden beads, ribbons and a variety of other decorating accessories.

While it came as a surprise to some of the parents on our panel – making paper was a whole lot easier than they expected! Here are the basics – take some torn up paper, 3 cups of water and mix it all in a blender. After that pour the pulp mixture into the tray with screens (both provided) then carefully transfer to dry. If your children can handle working with water and a blender – you can consider the “Paper Factory” open in your home!

The Paper Factory includes a number of components – and they are all made surprisingly well. With proper use of the screens, tray and basin (and proper cleaning) this factory didn’t fall apart and it won’t be any time soon!

At first approach, some of our children didn’t understand what they would be working on here, but once they realized there was shredded paper, water, a blender and a whole bunch of other cool stuff involved, they got pretty excited about the entire process. Truth be told, as the paper dries it definitely looks cool – so there’s another plus!

It works! It really works – and if your kids are half as excited as the children on our panel – you’ll be super-pleased with this toy. Yes – they need to be patient while the paper dries, but it is well worth the wait – and they can work on more paper as the drying continues!

$16.99 is the perfect price point for a toy of this nature! It is a craft, so you will definitely need to refurbish the supplies after the included items run low, but we are talking about adding paper! Not expensive paint – not expensive beads – just paper! We even shredded and used scrap that we had around.

This is an art project on top of an art project – and to our eyes – that is an original. What we mean is this – our kids got to create the paper, let it dry, and then create again using the paper they just made. Double the fun!

All right – the bottom line is this – our parents and our kids tied for excitement levels with this one (and that level was off the chart). Paper Factory is affordable and lots of fun! Our kids loved to get their hands into an art project, and this is one where the Moms and Dads don’t mind because we’re talking about paper and water – not too much worry about permanent damage or stains! A cool product at a price our parents loved – that is five stars for sure!

Manufacturer: ALEX
Recommended Age: 7+
Retail Price: $16.99
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