MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hats Nursing Mother Baby Product Review

MoBoleez hats are the only hats designed specially for the breastfeeding baby and mom. They cover the breast, not the breastfeeding! MoBoleez hats’ “stay on head sideways” design means that once the hat is on, it’ll stay on, and no more fussing with dropping blankets or awkward, bulky ‘nursing covers’. While the big brim gives mom a little privacy, it doesn’t cover up the breastfeeding, it celebrates it in a fun sort of way!
MoBoleez hats are made of all-natural, super soft blend of cotton/bamboo fibers (60% cotton, 40% bamboo). Bamboo is an eco-fabric that is gaining popularity as an environmentally kinder alternative to conventional fiber production. It does not require herbicides and pesticides, and is more sustainable than fabrics made from depleting petroleum resources such as polyester and nylon. Not only that, it is ultra-soft, breathable, and has excellent absorption.

Our Moms were happy to report that MoBoleez has this one down! They were all pleased to share their stories of how all they had to do was place the hat on top of their baby’s head, then breastfeed in comfort wherever they were! All had shared stories of blankets or towels slipping off, or exposing themselves to the public when it was time for baby to eat! They just popped a MoBoleez Hat on their little one’s head and they were both much more comfortable!

So….feeding and newborns sounds like a pretty messy proposition. Well, we’d love to say the MoBoleez hat cleaned up this problem…but we think it is going to be a long time coming before anyone can handle that situation. But – on a positive note – our Moms told us that they were able to use the MoBoleez hat to dab a quick clean-up after feeding. And for those lucky Moms whose precious little angels spit up during feeding, reported back that spot cleaning took care of the easy stains.

MoBoleez hats come with illustrations for the top of baby’s head (visible when breastfeeding of course!). The cute pictures on top with their lighthearted messages (“Milky Way”, “Bee-licious”, etc) all convey the message that the MoBoleez mom is a proud breastfeeding babe, with a sense of humor and style!
“It’s cute” was what we heard from just about all of the Moms we met with. There were a few that thought the MoBoleez was the opposite of discreet, but most felt “when you’re feeding, you’re feeding” and people always tend to notice anyway!

“It works! It really works” reported a number of Moms. As with all baby products that is the key – and all of our Moms were extremely pleased with functionality! Pop it on their head and let them eat – it’s that easy!

Many of our Moms were taken back by the price tag of $35.00. Most felt that they would love to get it as a gift at a shower, but only a very small number said that they would buy this for themselves. Unfortunately, the comparison to other feeding covers is going to come into play and a lot of our Moms felt that compared to a towel or blanket, they could struggle a little and save the money. On the other hand, there were a few Moms who absolutely fell in love with MoBoleez and said that this would be a gift they buy themselves and every one of their pregnant or breastfeeding friends!

Can you say unique! After checking out MoBoleez our Moms could! This is the first feeding hat that any of them had seen and they were all impressed with the idea and the designs!

All of our Moms were really impressed with the idea, the design and the style of MoBoleez. The only issue that some had was price. They all reported that if money was no object, a MoBoleez hat would absolutely be added to their diaper bag. And some were happy to say that they found the perfect shower gift. There is no length that we would not go to to promote breastfeeding and make our breastfeeding Moms more comfortable. if MoBoleez helps were behind them all the way! Great product!

Manufacturer: MoBoleez
Recommended Age: Newborn - 12 months
Retail Price: $35.00
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