Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer

The Mobi Digital Ultra Thermometer measures body temperature from either the ear or forehead. Temperature results are available in two seconds. The thermometer comes with a human voice read-out option and nighttime flashlight. This thermometer comes with a table storage stand. It can also be used as a clock, calendar and room temperature display. It also stores the last 20 measurements with date and time.

The Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer rated well in this category. Our panel found it was easy to get the thermometer in and out of the table stand (one of the features they really liked!). Also, the ability to take either an ear or forehead reading made it easier to use on each child it was tested on.

Based on the review, the panel agreed that it is difficult to tell just how durable this instrument is; however, since the product relieves the need for probe covers our users noted that it does allow it to be a stand alone product.

It doesn’t dress up a room – but it’s not an eyesore either! The digital readout of the room temperature, day and date was fun to look at. Moms agreed that it was unlikely that they’d display the thermometer anywhere prominent in their home, however it could make a good addition to a bathroom counter.

Our panel was a little concerned that the readings didn’t seem to be quite as consistent as they would have liked – they decided it could be user error; nonetheless, a bit of a concern. Additionally, the reviewers found the voice readout to be a bit annoying and unnecessary – while easy to turn off, no one was impressed by it. On the other hand, the panel was ecstatic that the Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer works so fast (about two seconds!) so that you wouldn’t have to struggle with a squirming, sick child.

At $29.95, our panel felt the Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer is right in line with other digital thermometers on the market. As long as it truly does its job, it is a worthy investment.

The Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer is obviously not the only digital thermometer out there; however, from our panel’s knowledge it is one of the few (if any) that has both a table stand and a room temperature, date and time readout. These couple features make it a bit more original than the rest – and if important to the purchaser, a reason in itself that you may select this thermometer over another!

The Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer certainly offers a quick and convenient way to monitor your child (and rest of your family’s) health. Not the most visually appealing item we’ve seen, but one that has multiple unique functions unlike any other home thermometer our panel was familiar with. If you’re in the market for a new digital thermometer, our reviewers agreed they would recommend someone to take a close look at this option!

Manufacturer: Mobi
Recommended Age: 6 months+
Retail Price: $29.95
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