Misty Kingdom Bouncer Ball Pit and Water Park


Manufacturer: Blast Zone
Recommended Age: 3 and up
Retail Price: $649.99
On the Web: www.bouncersdirect.com
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Misty Kingdom Bouncer Ball Pit and Water Park

The Misty Kingdom is one of the coolest bounce houses around!  It’s a Bounce House, Slide, Water Park and Ball pit all in one.  This inflatable play palace can be used wet or dry, and offers everything kiddies love – including 250 play balls for the ultimate ball pit!

Whether it’s hot or cold, the Misty Kingdom has what kids love.  In summer, hook up the hose to the included sprayers and Misty is a Water Slide, Splash Pool and Bounce House.  If the weather cools down, throw in the 250 included play balls, and kids can bounce, slide and play in the ball pit too!  Either side can be used as a ball pit.

Each Blast Zone inflatable includes the inflatable unit, a UL approved blower a carrying case, stakes for the blower and stakes for the bouncer.  The inflatable unit rolls up to about the size of a medium to large sleeping bag (depending on bouncer).  To set up the bouncer, just unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, turn on the blower and stake it down.  The blower runs continuously while kids play, and air escapes through the seams and fabric.

Misty Kingdom is incredibly easy to use – if you can get it the spot where you want to bounce!  To inflate simply unroll, hook up the blower – a simple velcro strap or tie-down know – and in seconds your kids will be bouncing the day away.  The only issue we had here is weight.  Rolled up, Misty Kingdom is heavy – and unless you consider yourself pretty strong, you’ll either need a friend to help you carry or maybe a dolly of some sort.

We were pleasantly surprised with the level of durability provided by Misty Kingdom.  We set up and broke down this bounce house several times over our testing period – and believe us when we say our kids didn’t exactly go easy on it – and Misty Kingdom passed the test.  A little difficult to keep clean – but after all – it is a bounce house!

5 Stars all the way!  Misty Kingdom is bright, colorful, eye-catching and looks like it as much fun as it is!

Here again – we could only give Misty Kingdom the highest rating!  With all of its different opportunities for play, we were more than pleased to see this fun house do exactly the things it advertises!  It’s a great bouncer, a great ball pit, and a great water park – all in one!

Here’s where Misty Kingdom takes a little bit of a hit.  It’s expensive.  The upside is this – if you were to buy your kids a lower end bounce house at your local toy store – it would fall apart after a use or two.  Misty Kingdom is commercial grade quality – and is basically just a little bit smaller version of the houses you rent for parties (that cost an arm and a leg).  So…for a little more in the wallet – skip the rental and order your own – and unlike the flimsy models at your toy store – this will last.  With that said – we still know it is expensive – so it gets just average marks from us.

We love all of the functionality Misty Kingdom has to offer.  Bounce house, water slide, ball pit in one – those three ideas may not be independently original – but put them together and you’ve got an awesome opportunity for fun!

The only reason we couldn’t give Misty Kingdom 5 stars is truly because of the price.  It is a little too restrictive to fall into our “you better get this for your kid” category.  But that’s it!  Otherwise – we love this combo bounce house and we just know your kids will too!  We are talking about endless hours of entertainment!  Hey, maybe that price isn’t too high after all!