Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket uses a unique, patented design that combines two of the most effective solutions to calms a fussy baby: classic swaddling and the lateral belly wrap.

Securely wrapped around the baby, the blanket provides gentle pressure on the abdomen to reduce fussiness. Pediatricians have long recommended swaddling to soothe and comfort babies. The Miracle Blanket gives parents a simple and effective way to saddle their precious little ones.

The swaddle is one of the most important skill a new parent must master. The swaddle provides baby with that special feeling of security that they need. Our Moms and Dads who had already mastered the swaddle absolutely loved The Miracle Blanket. However, our Moms and Dads who didn’t have the swaddle down yet felt that without necessary practice time, The Miracle Blanket was just a little too long for them to figure it out. On a side note, these parents were having trouble with swaddling with any blanket. Basically, the Moms and Dads who liked to swaddle and new how to swaddle felt the Miracle Blanket was easy to use.

In case you weren’t aware – babies tend to be a little messy – especially newborns. Spit-ups, drips, drools, and worse – all came clean in the wash. Our parents were also happy to report – spot cleaning was also effective for smaller stains.

The Miracle Blanket comes in a variety of colors and styles to keep Moms and Dads happy. Other than that, the Miracle Blanket is pretty much a blanket.

Here is where the Miracle Blanket shines. Yes – you can pretty much swaddle a newborn in anything – and believe me when there is a fussy baby you’ll find anything that can work! The Miracle Blanket is custom designed with built-in advantages over a standard swaddle. By adding gentle pressure to their babies’ abdomen to a classic swaddle our parents were more than excited to report back how effective The Miracle Blanket was in calming down baby.

So…here is the only issue that our Moms and Dads were bothered by. The Miracle Blanket is not inexpensive. in fact, all of our Parents felt that it was pricey. Most even commented that they would love to receive it as a gift, but might have a hard time buying it for themselves. We did have one Mom who said she didn’t care how much it cost – that the Miracle Blanket was the only blanket that effectively calmed her baby, and she’d pay three times as much!

The Miracle Blanket is a baby blanket custom made for swaddling. It has the advantage of adding a little extra pressure on the baby’s abdomen – but in essence, it is still a baby blanket.

Our Moms and Dads were all very pleased with how well The Miracle Blanket helped soothe their fussy baby. It cleaned well and performed exactly as advertised. It’s price can be a little restrictive, but like our Moms and Dads said, they’d love it as a gift! Overall, all Parents were pleased with performance – and that is the most important to us! Well done!

Manufacturer: Miracle Industries
Recommended Age: Newborn - 16 weeks
Retail Price: $29.95
On the Web: www.miracleblanket.com
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