Melinda G™ 2160 Glorious™ Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup Nursing Bra Product Review

The Melinda G™ 2160 Glorious™ Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup Nursing Bra is a nursing bra that features seamless cups, four-adjustment back hook and eyes, cushioned elastics, non-stretch straps, satin trims and full coverage cups. The cups are made of 75% polyester, 14% nylon and 11% spandex. The back is 82% Tactel nylon and 18% Lycra. Produced with slightly thicker cups than the average maternity bra, Melinda G™ Glorious™ Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup nursing bras are intended to provide new moms with a way to show off their cleavage with subtle enhancement with no pads necessary. As with any lingerie, Melinda G™ recommends hand washing in warm water and line dry. The bras are made in the USA.

The Melinda G™ 2160 Glorious™ Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup bra is in fact easy to use. Our breastfeeding Moms could easily see how to put the bra on – pretty much like any standard everyday bra. Some commented on the four-hook system, stating that it was a little more difficult than the average two-hook. Others were impressed with the wide straps that were easily adjustable once on the shoulders. After donning the bra, our moms “rearranged” their breasts to obtain the cleavage that the bra advertisement touts. The Moms agreed that while they have this “extra” cleavage, they might as well show it off. Additionally, the simple clips on the cups that permit one-handed nursing allowed our Moms to nurse virtually anywhere at ease.

Durability, while not the top task of the Melinda G™ 2160 Glorious™ Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup bra, is inherent in its design. With no underwire, and washing like any other piece of lingerie, our breastfeeding Moms felt that it was as durable as any other day-time wear nursing bra they already owned. However, they did agree that they would prefer if the bra was machine washable.

Our breastfeeding moms all had pretty much same opinion when the Melinda G™ 2160 Glorious™ Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup bras came out of the box – they look comfortable, they may help give me cleavage, but they look a little like something my mom or grandma would wear. Additionally, they agreed that it would be tough to truly develop a “sexy” nursing bra, so if it looked good underneath their clothing then at least something had been accomplished in the visual appeal category. We turned to our Dads to get their thoughts – and they pretty much agreed with the Moms – the bra itself isn’t sexy, but under clothing it does give the breasts a nice boost.

Function is one area where the Melinda G™ 2160 Glorious™ Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup bra rated high across the board. From the soft fabric and good fit to seamless cups and cushioned straps the bra is extremely functional. While providing cleavage for our Moms, it also provided great support and ease of use in feeding their hungry child.

At $42 – $44, our Moms felt the price point was a little high for a nursing bra; however, the comfort and cleavage it provided did cause the Moms to say it was likely a worthwhile investment. Average, every-day wear maternity and nursing bras tend to cost $20 – $30, so these bras are just outside this price.

The Melinda G™ 2160 Glorious™ Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup bra is somewhat original. While similar to many nursing bras in its design – the cleavage along with comfort did strike our Moms as unique. Many times, they stated, beauty comes before comfort – and in this case you get a bit of both.

As we always say, breastfeeding is something to be proud of – and our Moms loved the idea of having the chance to feel sexy and comfortable while doing it. Throw in durability and ease of use and they were sold! While a little on the expensive end, our Moms agreed that having at least one Melinda G™ 2160 Glorious™ Contour Tee Shirt Soft-Cup bra in their closet for the days they wanted cleavage or needed the seamless cup was worth the cost.

Manufacturer: Melinda G™ Maternity & Nursing Bras
Recommended Age: Nursing Moms
Retail Price: $43.00 - $44.00
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