Little Pim: Fun with Languages 3-Pack

Little Pim: Fun with Languages is a video language series designed specifically for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Created by Julia Pimsleur Levine, each Little Pim DVD features 35-minute short episodes starring an animated panda while teaching language for expressing everyday needs and desires. Little Pim DVDs are currently available in French, Spanish, Chinese and ESL. Soon, Little Pim will also be available in Italian, Hebrew and Japanese.

Pop it in the player, click a button and you’re ready to go! Our panel always loves to review DVDs, as they are usually easy to figure out – and not much effort is required to get the review going. Also, as discussed by the review team – it’s a DVD – so it can travel easily with you if need be and be played on the go for continuous learning.

With the use of DVDs among young children, there is always the question of durability. Little Pim’s packaging is standard for DVDs (along with additional cardboard packaging for the three-DVD set); however, more than one of our young children like to “help” take the DVD out of the case – many times creating finger prints on the discs (causing the discs, at times, to skip or freeze) – this is generally the only issue of durability, but our team likes to remind potential users to do whatever they can to keep their young child from touching the disc.

The kids loved Little Pim, the friendly-looking panda. At times, Little Pim disappears and then reappears in the corner of the screen – a few of the children would point him out on screen when he arrived again in view. Some of our youngest viewers seemed more interested in the panda’s appearance than the words or video on the screen. The rest of the videography seems current – sometimes a downfall in the videos we have reviewed.

As studies have recently shown, language immersion at a very young age is ideal as this is when babies and young children have unique skills to learn quickly. Our review panel was a little concerned that the younger end of the age spectrum that the DVDs are intended for may have too short an attention span for the concepts introduced. Our youngest viewers did not appear engaged, and some even seemed to be ignoring the television all together. However, those who were able to concentrate and view continuously, appeared to be enjoying the episode, and time will tell if they are able to retain the vocabulary that was introduced (of course, reinforcement and continued viewing will be necessary as well).

At $49.95, the Little Pim: Fun with Languages 3-Pack is just slightly more expensive than what we’d expect. At an average of about $15 per DVD – our reviewers assumed the price point to be at most $45 – with some sort of bonus for buying three DVDs at one time. Keeping this in mind, our reviewers did mention that “you get what you pay for” – these DVDs are well-produced and pleasing to the eye, so may be worth the additional dollars.

Language immersion DVDs are not entirely original, however, the review team determined the development of Little Pim is something special. Kids are captivated by the bold black and white panda – a character they are not familiar with elsewhere. It is a breath of fresh air to see a friendly, animated character and up-to-date video in short, educational episodes of a program.

These DVDs are easy to use, visually appealing, functional and original! The only potential negatives our team could find was the inability of some of our youngest viewers to be totally engaged and the slightly high price point. Otherwise, our panel held this video language series in high regard and look forward to future productions from Little Pim!

Manufacturer: Little Pim Co.
Recommended Age: 6 months – 6 yrs
Retail Price: $43.00 - $44.00
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