Les Deglingos Lapinos the Bunny

Deglingos: Animalos molto funnios and muy crazios!

A unique species of contagiously quirky animals, the Deglingos speak their own language which consists of finishing many words with “os.” They all hope to win the upcoming Deglingos Idol competition and can be found living in the best shops in town. They are currently rehearsing their first song and hope it will come out soon.

Lapinos The Bunny
Hippity, Hop, hop!!! The sporty man of the band, that’s me, Lapinos! I am a go-getter, a true torpedos! The only problem is that I am super clumsyos and I can’t stop tripping over these big feet and tangling up my enormous ears. Excuse me now — I’ m off to sniff out some healthy vegetablos. Size 10″ Ages Infant and Up.
Original Deglingos are made from 48 different kinds of fabric and string, creating a tactile and visual feast! Their eclectic look endears them to kids and adults alike, whether to cuddle or collect!

Clip the ear tag and hand Lapinos the Bunny over to your little one – they’ll know what to do! Whether for hugging and holding, plain old pretend play, or for a collection, Les Deglingos fit in with every doll or stuffed animal.

Lapinos the Bunny stands 10 inches tall and is made machine washable – which is a good thing. Our children that took to Lapinos didn’t want to put him down. And that’s a good thing, except for the fact that little ones tend to be super-messy. The good news is that Lapinos spot cleaned well with warm water, and for the bigger messes, we threw him in the washing machine and he came out pretty good. All stitches and seams are sewn tight for added durability.

So…this is a tricky category to rate fairly. As we mentioned earlier, every member of the Les Deglingos family is made with 48 different kinds of fabric and string. These animals are incredibly unique looking. That puts it nicely, because of the parents and kids that were turned off by Lapinos, well, they were very turned off. On the other hand – the parents and children that liked Lapinos absolutely loved Lapinos. So…Les Deglingos and Lapinos may not be for everybody’s tastes – but if he is your kind of animal – we think he’s awesome!

Huggable, squeezable, carryable, displayable and washable – yup Lapinos did everything our kids, Moms and Dads asked him to do!

There is little question that Lapinos is made well and looks like a lot of fun (if you like the look), but at $40 this is not the type of stuffed animal our parents were willing to just grab off the shelf and buy without their children seeing him first. $40 is definitely on the high end of stuffed animal pricing, pricing out higher than similar sized licensed characters – but you’ve got to admit – he is adorable. And if his style is something you want your kid to learn from, our parents felt it was at the top end of what they would pay.

Lapinos and Les Deglingos Fall into the line of uniquely designed and exciting new concepts for children’s stuffed animals. Whether you love the look or not, you’ve got to admit that Lapinos is an original!

If it weren’t for a high price tag, and a somewhat unusual look that doesn’t appeal to everyone, we think Les Deglingos and Lapinos the Bunny would have rated off the charts! If the price were cut in half and more of our evaluators were willing to open up to a brand new, incredibly unique, and super adorable character than we would think there should be a Les Deglingos member in every home! As it is, for imaginative play, broadening a child’s definition of beautiful, and a fun companion to boot we think Lapinos is a great addition to any little one’s stuffed animal collection!

Manufacturer: All New Materials
Recommended Age: Newborn +
Retail Price: $40.00
On the Web: www.learningcarpets.com
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