Learn To Dress Monkey

Learning to get dressed can be a barrel of, um, monkeys, with ALEX’s Little Hands Learn To Dress Monkey! This adorable little guys (standing 22″ tall) doubles as a buddy for your little one, and a hands-on way to learn the skills every child needs to get dressed! With the Learn To Dress Monkey your child will have the chance to master 11 different dressing skills. The Learn to Dress Monkey comes complete with real socks to put on, real sneakers with laces to tie, a removable shirt and removable overalls. While dressing and undressing the monkey your toddler performs dressing activities like buttoning, zippering, snapping, looping, buckling and more!  

What a fantastic learning toy! We put the Learn To Dress Monkey in the hands of children of varying ages and they took to him – quickly! The youngest of the group was happy just to hold him, and as this little monkey passed from child to child, they each discovered something new about him – at their own pace. The Learn To Dress Monkey will grow with your child – transforming from just a soft, fun stuffed animal, to an activity center with so many different dressing activities to teach your child as they grow!

The Learn To Dress Monkey was designed for constant use – and he holds up well. Zippers, buttons, snaps – each little feature of this monkey was put to the test, and we were pleased with the result. The only question came into play when a sock or a shoe was lost (and no, our washing machine and dryer didn’t eat it)! This real-world scenario came to life quick for our group! So…this isn’t really durability, but you do have to keep an eye on the pieces that come loose! Quick tip- if you lose a sock an infant sock will fill in nicely!

Adorable! This little monkey is full of bright colors and packed with visual appeal! All of our kids were happy to hang on to Learn To Dress Monkey for a while. Well done!

If there was ever a category custom made for a toy – this was it! The Learn To Dress Monkey is absolutely packed with functionality! Zippering, buttoning, snapping, dressing and more – he definitely kept our little ones busy. The only comment we have here is that for many of these functions mom or dad had to work with the children. You’ll have to show your kids how to tie their shoes someday – so you might as well start with the monkey!

The price point could be a little bit lower. When it comes to stuffed animals our Moms and Dads like prices to be below $20. They understood with the added functionality why the price went up – but if it was a little less expensive our moms and dads would be quicker to pull him off the shelf over an ordinary stuffed toy.

There are other dolls and stuffed animals on the market to teach children how to get dressed – but you’d be hard pressed to find one this adorable and with this many features – and that makes this monkey an original!

We fell in love with The Learn To Dress Monkey the minute we laid eyes on him – and we were so happy to see he fulfilled just about everything we look for in a dressing toy. He’s soft, he’s colorful, and he is jam packed with dressing activities for your children!

Manufacturer: ALEX
Recommended Age: 18 months +
Retail Price: $29.99
On the Web: www.alextoys.com
Buy It Here: