Lamaze Puppytunes

Puppytunes is a bright, colorful, adorable dog character with a different musical note in each of his four legs. Squeeze a leg and hear the note! Puppytunes comes with a songbook to help Mom and Dad play merry melodies to baby! And the soft, vanilla scent is baby friendly and light. No batteries required. The perfect gift for every baby!

Come on – of course Puppytunes is easy to use – it’s basically a stuffed animal that makes musical sounds when you squeeze his legs! And when your child finally gets one of those legs to squeak – they’ll giggle, smile and do it again!

Definitely durable – even stands up to a good slobbering and comes through clean!

Bright colors! Bright colors! Bright colors! This is one toy that will catch your baby’s eye – and Puppytunes happy expression will keep your child smiling too!

Squeeze the legs and Puppytunes squeaks out a note! And it works! Making music may be challenging for your little ones during the first few months, but keep Puppytunes by their side and they’ll be making music for many months!

The pricepoint could be just a little bit lower, but this is a high quality baby toy – not some dollar-store hunk of junk. Averaging in around $20, we’d like to see it closer to $15, but in this case, you get what you pay for in the quality department.

Just what every parent is looking for – another toy that makes noise! Unlike some of your over-electrical, loud and annoying toys, Puppytunes little notes take a little work to get out, and won’t grate on your nerves. He’s bright, he’s fun, and he plays music – Puppytunes is an original!

What’s not to love about this brightly colored musical mongrel! Puppytunes is cute, plays fun squeaky notes and smells good too – a perfect combination. For companionship and playtime fun – Puppytunes gets the job done!

Manufacturer: Learning Curve
Recommended Age: Newborn - 2 years
Retail Price: $19.99
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