Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup Baby Kids Product Review Drinking Cup No-Spill

Every new parent wants to make sure their baby’s environment is as healthy as possible. Klean Kanteen can help with that. Klean Kanteen designed a special adapter that works with Avent’s™ patented sippy cup spout. So you can put your energy into the important stuff, like bedtime stories and teaching junior to say “mama” and “dada”. Not worrying about whether your child’s bottle is leaching chemicals.
Just like every other Klean Kanteen, this 12 oz bottle is made from 100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade stainless steel so it doesn’t need a special lining like some other metal bottles. It’s completely BPA-free and won’t leach chemicals, toxins, or funky flavors into your baby’s water or juice.
It’s designed for small hands, making it easy to hold. And the large-mouth makes cleaning as simple as a quick scrub with soap and water or a rinse in the dishwasher.

Klean Kanteen was designed for small hands. It’s easy to hold – and the large-mouth makes cleaning as simple as a quick scrub with soap and water or a rinse in the dishwasher. Our Moms and Dads reported back that their little ones were drawn to the fun shape and colors of the Klean Kanteen, and it was a breeze for them to keep clean. And of course, our parents were extra pleased that the most important features of the Klean Kanteen, BPA-free and ability to not leach chemicals or toxins, was taken care of for them by the design of this awesome cup!

Top notch! Unlike similar sippy-cups, our parents were pleased that the Klean Kanteen doesn’t melt at all in the dishwasher or stain with juice. Plus with the Avent sippy cup spout, if their little one did a little extra chewing, they were able to replace the spout without having to replace the rest of the cup.

Visual appeal? With a sippy cup? Well…yes! And Klean Kanteen has it. As we stated earlier, all of our little ones were just drawn to this cool cup. We tested simply with the stainless silver, but when we showed parents and little ones the other fun colors that are on their way, all felt confident that Klean Kanteen would be the first cup their kids would go for.

Easy as can be! Sure it’s a sippy cup, but with it’s wide-mouth design, Avent sippy cup spouts, and basic design our parents were extremely impressed with the function. And it didn’t hurt that they could pop Klean Kanteen in the dishwasher for a thorough rinsing!

It seems that many of the best products out there simply do cost more. Klean Kanteen is no exception. At $17.95m it is priced well above other sippy cups on the market. However – those sippy cups don’t have many of the same qualities that Klean Kanteen does. Dishwasher safe, non-staining, and above all BPA-free. Yes, it costs more, but when you break down the benefits, our educated parents still felt confident that at this price a Klean Kanteen is still worth it.

Original – you bet! Klean Kanteen puts health and safety first, then adds in a fantastic design and superior function. There are other sippy cups out there, but none that our parents were so impressed by.

Our five star rating is not easy to come by. Our parents are tough critics. Our children are even tougher. But after putting Klean Kanteen through the ringer – it was easy to see we had a winner on our hands. In this world of baby products made who knows where it is comforting to know the most important factor is covered – health! BPA-free, non-leaching – these should be on the forefront of every parent’s mind when purchasing products for their little ones. Klean Kanteen has you covered. Plus its innovative design, bright colors and easy to use and replace sippy cup top make this one kids cup to be reckoned with – and used!

Manufacturer: Klean Kanteen
Recommended Age: 6 months - 2+
Retail Price: $17.95
On the Web: www.kleankanteen.com
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