kickTrak from Baby Kick

Designed and developed by Dr. Diep Nguyen, a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist and a mother of three, kickTrak is a safe, non-invasive, handheld device to help you keep a reliable record of your baby’s movements. kickTrak will also allow you to alert your doctor of any potential problems through visualization of significant changes. Dr. Nguyen has supported kick counting as a measure to prevent stillbirth for over 15 years. kickTrak allows you to track your progress from the beginning of your pregnancy and begin kick counting between 24 to 28 weeks. The device counts and times each movement as you enter it, stores and recalls the ten most recent sessions, counts down the last 99 days of your pregnancy, and times contractions when labor begins.

kickTrak is a well designed, well conceived device to help monitor your baby’s kicks and movements. For Moms (and their Doctors) that feel it is important to track movement, there just isn’t any easier way. Our Moms loved how easy tracking was with this handy little device. Simply press the “kick” button and the information is stored. All Moms thought it was easy to use and easy to review stored information. Forget complicated electronics, kickTrak keeps it simple.

Durability comes from extended use and, well, drops. In our limited testing, batteries seemed to be holding strong, and after a few knocks, kickTrak was still kicking. Our Moms only came back with reasons to believe kickTrack was made strong!

Some electronics can be appealing to the eye, and some can simply be intimidating. kickTrack did not scare off any of our Moms – in fact – most were excited to have a chance to use it. It’s design is more inviting than it is intimidating!

kickTrack does exactly what it says it will do – tracks movement, stores information and counts down the last 99 days of your pregnancy. Our Moms at various stages of pregnancy were able to easily use, store and review information. When asked to provide us with information they were able to access it quickly and easily. Excellent functionality.

For Moms and their Doctors who feel the need to track movement, you will not find a more affordable device that packs in as much function as kickTrak. At $29.99, kickTrak is priced so affordably that any Mom, with any concern can find peace of mind with this little helper. And at $29.99 it falls well within the gift giving price range. Baby Kick got it right with this price!

There are several devices out there to help Moms track movement, but all of our Moms were so impressed with the level of functionality built into kickTrak. Well done!

Movement is obviously an important sign of a baby’s well being. And for Moms that want the information, and want to be able to review and compare it to past entries, kickTrak is the perfect tool. Small in size, easy to use, and priced perfectly, all of our Moms felt that if this was information they wanted to keep, this is the device with which to do it!

Manufacturer: Unisar Inc.
Recommended Age: Mom-to-be
Retail Price: $29.99
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