Hearts & Crafts

Hearts & Crafts is the all-in-one art and heart kit for that special little girl in your life! Each kit comes complete with all the tools she’ll need to create 25 fantastic craft projects! Cardmaking, scrapbooking, sewing, embroidery, beading and more all in one heart-felt kit. Includes materials and instructions to make a stuffed bear, treasure box, brooch, a heart garland and other heart-themed craft projects! And it is all delivered in a colorful, printed, heart-shaped keepsake box.

Ease of use with this kit of crafts definitely depends on the child who works with it! We found that some of our kids needed a little more supervision then others – and it wasn’t just based on their age. Our girls that are artistically inclined and good at following directions, seemed to have no trouble handling Hearts & Crafts. The girls that just weren’t as good with art projects needed a little more help!

To our eye, it seemed that the art projects in Hearts & Crafts all stood up pretty well to assembly by a group of little girls. If your child tends to handle toys and art projects a little rougher, than the materials will break down a little quicker. Overall, we were pleased.

The packaging and visual appeal of Hearts & Crafts is top notch! All of our girls loved the look of the projects, and they were even more excited about the heart-shaped keepsake box – the perfect box to store all of their little treasures!

Hearts & Crafts is a box full of arts and crafts projects. With some skill and patience our girls were able to create some really fun, really cool pieces. With a little guidance, this is a very functional art kit.

$34.99 makes this toy a little bit expensive. If you do break down all of the activities (like our parents did), and don’t let the kids run through the whole box in a day (like our girls did), you can really stretch out the life of this toy. Add on to that the keepsake box and our girls were thrilled. So…the price is the top of what we would recommend for this, but the girls did love it!

Our girls really liked creating unique, fun art pieces with Hearts & Crafts. Packaging so many different types of projects into a cool box really helped keep the girls interested and coming back for more!

Fun! Fun! Fun! We love toys that encourage kids to use their creative side – and Hearts & Crafts does not disappoint! Some kids will need more supervision than others, but that is always how it is. And pricing is high, but with this kit you do feel like you get what you pay for! For the crafty little girl – we think this is a great gift!

Manufacturer: ALEX
Recommended Age: 7+
Retail Price: $34.99
On the Web: www.alextoys.com
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