Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System


Manufacturer: Graco
Recommended Age: infants up to 30 pounds and less than 32 inches
Retail Price: $249.99
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Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System

Life gets busier and more complicated than ever when a new baby arrives, and you need all the help you can get. Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Full-Size Travel System offers the ultimate in comfortable, convenient travel for parents and babies. This three-piece travel set comes with the Quattro Tour Stroller, a SafeSeat Infant Car Seat that doubles as a carrier and snaps easily into the stroller, and a stay-in-car base that holds the car seat in place, making it as easy as possible to go places with your infant.

The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System has it all – now using it all is a little bit of a different story.  Yes, it is an all-in-one – baby car seat, base, stroller – but when you start mixing and matching at times the entire set-up can feel a little bulky.  Remember – you leave the base in your car (we recommend getting second base for Dad’s or Grandparent’s car), then snap in the car-seat when it is time to take a ride.  If baby is sleeping, you pull out the entire car seat (leave the base behind) and snap into the stroller.  Hopefully, baby will keep right on sleeping and you’ll have a few minutes peace.  But be warned, easy movement takes a little practice.

Durability does not seem to be an issue.  Our only concern is that with so many different parts interacting, when one piece fails you’ll only have to replace that – not the entire system.  And with a track record of durability, we’re comfortable expecting this to hold up as well.

Muted colors and comforting patterns highlight what we feel to be a very aesthetically pleasing design.  The structure of the stroller and the car seat also look sturdy and well made.  And as a heads up – Graco offers a number of designs for each stroller – so there is sure to be one that fits the individual style of you and your baby.

The travel system allows you to shop at the mall, go for walks at the park, and enjoy day trips with ease: the car seat snaps easily in and out of the car base and is designed to fit perfectly into the stroller–you’ll find this especially convenient if your baby has been lulled to sleep by the car and you don’t want to disturb his nap! Simply snap car seat out of the stay-in-car base and into the stroller and go, sleeping baby undisturbed. You can also carry the car seat by its handle to easily and safely transport your infant.

This isn’t an inexpensive piece of equipment for your baby to use.  There are a lot of benefits, however that come along with this system.  We are talking about multiple use pieces, car seat, stroller, etc.  And this system will stick with your child as he or she grows – at least a little longer than some other car seats and strollers that are just designed for newborns.  It is expensive – but when you add up all that is included – the Graco Quattro is a good deal.

This stroller does it all!  Car seat, carrier, stroller – when it comes to originality, Graco took their years of design experience and through it all at this do-it-all system!

Form, function, style – it does not get much better than this stroller.  Any parent of a newborn can tell you – one of the most important things is to be able to take a baby from the car to the stroller and back again without waking them….this is your solution!  5 stars – A rated – we love this stroller!