Cuddly Kids

Cuddly Kids are the latest, softest and most adorable doll for children of all ages. Cuddly Kids are perfect for warm hugs and cuddles, and there is a special boy doll, AJ, and girl doll, Lexi for all little ones. Cuddly Kids have colorful outfits, embroidered sunny smiling faces with wiggly and jiggly velour hair. Pinching and poking the loops and knots help children develop finger dexterity.

No tricky assembly or batteries required. We took the Cuddly Kids off their packaging, and handed over to our newborns for cuddling fun!

With a doll designed for infants, one of the most important factors for our Moms and Dads (if not the most important) was durability. Cuddly Kids are washable, and like any toy you give to an infant – it’s going to need it! Our babies drooled, bit, burped and played with the Cuddly Kids, and after a quick run through the spin cycle, these guys were refreshed and ready for more!

Awesome! If you are trying to attract a newborns attention, you need cute and bright – and that is exactly what Cuddly Kids are! We placed Cuddly Kids in front of our babies and watched their eyes light up!

Function – in a doll for infants? You can find it if you look hard enough – and Cuddly Kids are packed full of it. Remember, we’re dealing with tiny fingers and drooly mouths here, but those tiny fingers and drooly mouths were happy to work over the Cuddly Kids. Designed specifically with different textures, and lots of little areas to pull on, our newborns took right to the Cuddly Kids!

At $15.99 our panel was fair in their evaluation of Cuddly Kids’ price point. When they compared their $15.99 sticker to a boring, pointlessly designed, stuffed animal, they felt that Cuddly Kids are packed with enough reason behind the design to warrant a few more bucks. What we are saying here is this: if you are going to buy a stuffed animal or doll for a newborn, you can purchase a Cuddly Kid, that a child is most definitely going to play with, or you can purchase an ordinary, run of the mill stuffed animal or doll that will get tossed in a pile.

Our babies were drawn to Cuddly Kids – whether it was their color or texture we can’t say for sure – but we can say for sure that ALEX paid attention to the design, and it paid off in the results.

Let this serve as an advanced warning to all future stuffed animal and doll submissions for review! If your toy offers more than just the “cuteness” factor, it can be well received by our review team! Cuddly Kids come from smart design that keeps children interested, and that pushed them to the top of our charts!

Manufacturer: ALEX
Recommended Age: 0 months +
Retail Price: $15.99
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