BuggyBagg Deluxe Shopping Cart Seatcover Product Review

BuggyBagg is the only combination shopping cart seat cover, high chair cover, diaper bag and changing pad in one! BuggyBagg offers Moms and Dads peace of mind knowing that baby is going to be safe and comfortable in some of the lesser-known, yet higher ick-factor places!

BuggyBagg provides 100% seating area coverage protecting your child’s hands and mouth from germs and bacteria. Toy loops enable toys and pacifiers to be connected to BuggyBagg to keep them away from the cart and up off the floor!

This is the first, and possibly most impressive quality of BuggyBagg! Our Moms and Dads, who had noted struggling previously with hard-to-use cart and seat covers loved the usability of BuggyBagg. Our parents were able to (as BuggyBagg claims) insert and set-up BuggyBagg in less than 30 seconds, with one hand! A safety strap secures BuggyBagg to the shopping cart, and a detachable pillow provides comfort for children of all sizes. Most of our Moms and Dads were thrilled to say this was the easiest cart bag they ever used!

BuggyBaggs are machine washable and feature plus two inch quilting that is twice as this as some of the competition. Our parents were pleased to see it passed the washing machine test, and all reported that it held up fairly well under their use. Many reported that the BuggyBagg, while not overly heavy, seemed to them to have been built quite solidly.

This is another area where BuggyBagg got it right! In our review process, we took a look at BuggyBagg’s Snuggle in the Jungle with Blue Denim outside and BuggyBagg’s Black Toile with Black Twill Outside – and both designs were hit with our Moms and Dads! And with 5 other styles to choose from our parents were definitely pleased with the range of patterns and colors to suit their own individual tastes!

Most standard shopping cart covers pretty much just cover the cart – some obviously do it better than others. BuggyBagg not only covers the cart incredibly well – it is packed with added functionality to make life just a little bit easier on Mom and Dad. Our parents were thrilled with the detachable pillow, diaper bag compartment, two additional zippered compartments (great for cell phones!), the four elastic bottle and cup holders and the loops to attach toys and pacifiers. We heard from more than one set of parents that it seemed like “BuggyBagg thought of everything!”

At $59.95, this was the only area where our group was forced to take a step back. BuggyBagg is not cheap. Competitors, while not offering the best in function and durability, do offer lower pricing – and bottom line – to some parents that is where it starts and ends. Our parents who were comfortable with the pricing viewed it with the idea that BuggyBagg could be used as a shopping cart cover and a diaper bag replacement – upping the value and providing service at a cost lower than many diaper bags on the market. BuggyBagg offers quality and function – but it comes with a price.

Our Moms and Dads all agreed that they really liked using shopping cart covers to help protect their children. When you add on to that all of the functionality that BuggyBagg worked in to their design, our parents agreed that this is a true original – an improvement on a great idea!

One handed operation! Durability! Washability! Impressive design and functionality! These were the things that our Moms and Dads kept returning to in their evaluation of BuggyBagg – and there super-positive feedback leads us to declaring BuggyBagg a five-star-worthy product! As a gift, parents will be thrilled to receive BuggyBagg, and as a purchase for your own use, if you’ve got the money, we say go for it!

Manufacturer: BuggyBagg Deluxe
Recommended Age: 6 months - 4 years
Retail Price: $59.95
On the Web: www.buggybaggs.com
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