Breathable Baby Bumper

The Breathable Bumper is a baby bumper designed to help parents and newborns get a better night sleep! The Breathable Bumper in constructed of a breathable, patented mesh that improves air flow while keeping small hands and feet inside the crib. The design of this special bumper is to help reduced the risks of infant suffocation, entanglement and climbing.

Breathable Baby Bumper is easy to set-up. Our parents were pleased with the quick set-up, and the fact that the bottom tucks below the mattress for extra protection. The only caveat we received was you have to make sure you get the right set of bumpers for your crib. The Breathable Baby Bumper we used was designed only for slatted cribs – if you have a crib with solid ends you’ll need to be certain to use the bumper specifically designed for those.

Our parents were all pleased with the durability factor with the Breathable Baby Bumper. After spit-ups, it was thrown in the wash for easy cleaning – and the bumper held up strong again. While developed out of a mesh material for breathability, our Moms and Dads were all pleased that it didn’t tear or pull easily.

Breathable Baby Bumper comes in a variety of colors to try to pick up the themes of your nursery, but some of our Moms and Dads (more our Moms) just felt that this bumper doesn’t have the cuteness factor that their baby bedding had. Now – we know the main purpose of this bumper is to keep your child safe – not keep them in cute – but this was some of the opinions we received.

The goal of the Breathable Baby Bumper is to promote air-flow and breathability. It is made with their patented Safe-Breatheā„¢ Technology to help maintain air access and reduce the risk of suffocation. WTS Toy Review did not scientifically evaluate this statement, nor claims any responsibility to its ownership or factuality, but our parents that did test this unit did feel that more air had to be getting to their children than with traditional, thick baby bumpers.
One factor that did concern some of our parents was that since the Breathable Baby Bumper is so lightweight their babies were able to put their arms or legs on top of the bumper and bring them down, opening up the risk of catching an arm or leg in a slat.

Baby bumpers are not cheap. Our Moms and Dads were more than pleased that the Breathable Baby Bumper came in at just $29.99. If our parents were concerned about baby safety, and the Breathable Baby Bumper was something they wanted to buy for protection, it is more than affordable!

Breathable Baby Bumper is a smart idea for parents who are worried about a very scary problem they face. Instead of removing baby bumpers completely, Baby Bumper had taken the time to address the problem head on and come up with a well-designed, unique concept in helping to solve the dilemma. Well done!

Breathable Baby Bumper addresses a major concern of many parents of newborns. Scientific studies remain inconclusive on the causes of such horrors as SIDS, but one thing we are sure of is this: if the problem has to do with babies getting caught up against bumpers and not able to breathe, the makers of Breathable Baby Bumper wanted to make sure there was another option on the market. Our parents with these concerns felt strongly that this was a great idea.

Manufacturer: Breathable Baby
Recommended Age: Infant+
Retail Price: $29.99
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