Breathable Baby Blanket

The Breathable Baby Blanket is a double layer breathable sleeper designed to reduce risk of suffocation and overheating in babies. Unlike other blankets, both layers work together allowing air to flow freely inside and out for safer snuggling. Inner baby-soft liner is soft, cozy and comfortable to the babies skin and allows excess body heat to escape, keeping baby from overheating. The outside padded mesh fabric benefits baby while laying down for extra cushion. Together, the breathable layers keep baby safe and warm reducing the risks of suffocation and overheating.

Well…it’s a blanket and a system designed to keep baby safe and warm and reduce the risks of suffocation and overheating. And…it’s a blanket. And our parents all agreed – blankets are easy to use!

Let the review begin! Our parents were definitely impressed with both the Breathable Baby Blanket’s durability and washability. As far as we’re concerned, until a blanket gets a little spit-up, drool, or other stain, it hasn’t been put to the test. Our babies more than cooperated, and our blankets were washed, and washed again, and came clean – and they remained soft! One Mom shared that “after what came out of my child and onto that blanket, I was quite sure that stain would be there permanently.” She was then happy to report that after one good washing it was gone!

Breathable Baby Blankets come in a variety of standard baby colors – light blue, pink and yellow. Similar to Breathable Baby Bumpers, these aren’t the most visually appealing blankets out there – but if they achieve the goal of keeping your baby safe and warm – all of our Moms and Dads thought it was worth the trade-off.

The goal of the Breathable Baby Blanket is to promote air-flow and breathability. It is made with their patented Safe-Breathe™ Technology to help maintain air access and reduce the risk of suffocation. WTS Toy Review did not scientifically evaluate this statement, nor claims any responsibility to its ownership or factuality, but our parents that did test the blanket and felt that their children were cool and comfortable – and that is what we were looking for.

The Breathable Baby Blanket comes in at $22.95 – which is a little bit on the high-end when compared with standard baby blankets. Our parents who felt that a good old regular blanket did the job, felt paying a few dollars extra was not worth it. However, our parents that were concerned felt that Breathable Baby priced a safety item just right – while it is a little more expensive, it’s cost is not restrictive.

Breathable Baby continues to come up with innovative solutions to problems that concern everyday parents. Our Moms and Dads that were seeking an alternative to standard baby blankets that just seemed too warm were happy to give the Breathable Baby Blanket a turn!

Breathable Baby Blankets rated well across all of our categories. With durability and originality we are pleased to place another extremely positive rating on Breathable Baby. Again, Breathable Baby sees a problem, comes up with a unique way to solve it, and does so with a well designed, durable product. Well done!

Manufacturer: Breathable Baby
Recommended Age: Infant+
Retail Price: $22.95
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