BabyGanics are a full line of safe, non-toxic home cleaning supplies. While many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and toxins, BabyGanics utilizes natural, non-toxic ingredients. Products range from Tub and Tile Cleaner for use on bathroom surfaces to Foaming Dish Soap that can be used on dishes as well as baby’s bottles and washable toys. BabyGanics is also available as a concentrated laundry detergent, made with a reduced amount of water and free of harsh chemicals.

Easy – Yes! Enjoyable…well, it IS cleaning! No problems in the ease of use categories as all product containers are well labeled and easy to open. Of course, they must be kept out of reach of young children as with any household cleaning product. The review team specifically liked the Foaming Dish Soap as the simple to pump bottle with a concentrated formula allowed users to decrease the amount of soap they’d usually use and apply it more evenly to the test wash.

Based on the review, the panel agreed that it is difficult to rate this product on the basis of durability. The packaging is similar to that of any other household cleaning product – so, from the panel’s standpoint there is no issue of bottle durability.

The bottle labeling is visually appealing (cute baby and a mom) – but more important was the sparkling shine we saw on the countertops after just one use of the Glass & Surface Cleaner! Our panel determined more essential to this product would be a category titled “Scent Appeal” – as all the products would rate extremely high in this category. The Unscented version of the products are just that – truly unscented – to the surprise of many of the reviewers! The Lavender variety does provide a considerable scent, but by no means is it overpowering. The reviewers also noted that those who preferred scented items in their home were partial to the Lavender scent, while those who liked the true organic, unscented feeling favored the Unscented selection – this was just a matter of preference and no one entirely disliked either.

Here’s the tough part – while a couple of the BabyGanics products can be tested for functionality on the spot, a few of the products will need to be taken home by the panel for at-home testing. This product evaluation will be updated with some of these results in a few weeks. As for those products that were able to be analyzed, the panel had nothing but the highest regard for BabyGanics functionality. Specifically, the Foaming Hand Sanitizer left the panel’s hands feeling fresh, without a dried out sensation. Also, as noted, the Glass & Surface Cleaner brought a nice shine to the first countertop it was tested on, as well as the review room windows! To be tested at home remains the Laundry Detergent, Floor Cleaner and Tub & Tile Cleaner.

Prices vary based on the product, however as the panel reviewed individual prices, they agreed that the slightly more expensive product was well worth the peace of mind that a non-toxic, safe cleaner would be used in their home. Also, they determined that the prices really weren’t all that much higher than their average cleaning supplies already in their cabinets, especially since in many cases less of BabyGanics is needed to achieve the same task.

Our panel was only aware of a couple other non-toxic, organic household cleaning products available on the market. What makes BabyGanics truly original is the full line of products they have made available, from the kitchen to bathroom and clothes to toys, BabyGanics pretty much has the whole house covered.

Our panel loved these products! While they spend much of their time reviewing toys and games for children, they don’t often get to think about how important a clean home is for their child(ren). Final tests of functionality will take place in homes, however, from what we could tell, BabyGanics is on its way to being a major player in the household cleaning industry especially as we go greener and greener!

Manufacturer: Healthy Home Cleaning Products
Recommended Age: All ages
Retail Price: Varies by product
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