Baby Abuelita Dolls, Baby Mimi

Your family can sing along with The Baby Abuelita Family! Baby Abuelita has a unique line of adorable dolls that sing the traditional Hispanic lullabies (“canciones de cuna”) that have been passed down from generation to generation in Hispanic families! These are the songs that Abuela (Grandma) and Abuelo (Grandpa) would sing while rocking us and putting us to sleep!

Baby Abuelita’s Baby Mimi Doll is an adorable Hispanic baby, ready to help your little one of to sleep!┬áBaby Mimi is dressed in cute pink pajamas embroidered with a teddy bear and musical notes! A pink ribbon wraps around her brown spiky hair! Squeeze Baby Mimi’s hand and you’ll hear her play the whimsical notes to these sweet melodies

“Arroz Con Leche”
“Duerte Mi Nina”
“Los Pollitos Dicen”
“Naranja Dulce”

Baby Mimi falls right in line with all of the Baby Abuelito products – adorable to look at and easy to use! We handed Baby Mimi over to our kids and they took care of the rest! The held her, babied her, and squeezed her hands to hear all of her soft lullabies!

Our only concerns with Baby Mimi is that her bow would come out and that she wouldn’t be able to keep playing her melodies. After days spent with our kids, we’re happy to report that the bow stayed on and the music kept coming! We don’t suspect that Baby Mimi is washer safe, so all clean-up had to be done with warm water and a cloth.

Baby Mimi is an adorable, classically styled baby doll. All of our children, both boys and girls had fun playing pretend with her! And out of all of the Baby Abuelita dolls, this is the one our kids enjoyed first – which should tell you she has a nice visual appeal!

Like most singing dolls, Baby Mimi performs admirably. She plays five different Spanish lullabies. In our studies, all it took was a simple squeeze of her hand and she sang, and the batteries did not give out yet, and believe us, our kids tried their hardest to drain them! Baby Mimi is also crib safe, so feel confident in setting in with your little one and letting her play a lullaby for your child to sleep to.

At $24.99 some of our panel was felt that they would probably be more inclined to go for some of the more mainstream singing dolls – remember, this isn’t an inexpensive category, so Baby Mimi comes in towards the low end of the pricing scale for singing dolls. Similar to all singing dolls that we review, our group felt that at a lower price point, Baby Mimi might jump off the shelf and into their carts quicker. All of our panelists did feel that Baby Mimi is something that Grandparents may be more inclined to buy for the kids, especially at this price.

Baby Mimi is definitely an original! With Elmo continuing to dominate the singing toy category (and super-heroes like Spider Man joining in), it is refreshing to have a warm, wholesome fun member of the family enter the industry! Plus we love that he sings her tunes are of whimsical Spanish lullabies. This is a great way to introduce some Hispanic classics at n early age!

Baby Mimi is a nice addition to any family! We love her adorable rosy cheeks, her crazy hair and the big hugs your child can give her! For those children that do not have a younger sibling to baby, Baby Mimi fills in perfectly! Baby Mimi’s soft sounds seemed to capture and hold babies attention!

Manufacturer: Baby Abuelita
Recommended Age: Newborn - 2 years
Retail Price: $24.99
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