Baby Abuelita Dolls, Abuelita Rosa

Your family can sing along with The Baby Abuelita Family!  Baby Abuelita has a unique line of adorable dolls that sing the traditional Hispanic lullabies (“canciones de cuna”) that have been passed down from generation to generation in Hispanic families!  These are the songs that Abuela (Grandma) and Abuelo (Grandpa) would sing while rocking us and putting us to sleep!

The Abuelita Rosa Doll is a traditional Hispanic Grandma!  With an adorable flowered bata de casa (house dress), warm smile and gold rimmed glasses, all it takes is a squeeze of her hand, and Abuelita Rosa will sing to your child!  Abuelita Rosa’s songs include:

“Arroz con Leche”
“Esa Niña Linda”
“Azotate la Mocita” and more

All we had to do was take Abuelita Rosa out of her packaging and hand over to our kids – they took care of the rest!  Stitched into Abuelita Rosa’s left hand is a musical note, and our little ones started squeezing, Abuelita Rosa started signing!

Pretty much the only concern here was that Abuelita Rosa would be able to keep singing – and that her glasses wouldn’t fall off.  After days spent with our kids, we’re happy to report that the glasses stayed on and the music kept coming!  We don’t suspect that Abuelita Rosa is washer safe, so all clean-up had to be done with warm water and a cloth.

Abuelita Rosa has a warm smile and a friendly appearance.  One of our big deciding factors in visual appeal is always the “wow” factor – and, well, this isn’t necessarily going to be the toy your child runs to in the toy store.  However, they aren’t going to run away from her either!  And once our kids got to know Abuelita Rosa they were all happy to play with her, it just wasn’t love at first sight.

Like most singing dolls, Baby Abuelita performs admirably.  She sings five different Spanish lullabies.  In our studies, all it took was a simple squeeze of her hand and she sang, and the batteries did not give out yet, and believe us, our kids tried their hardest to drain them!

At $24.99 some of our panel was felt that they would probably be more inclined to go for some of the more mainstream singing dolls – remember, this isn’t an inexpensive category, so Abuelita Rosa comes in towards the low end of the pricing scale for singing dolls.  Similar to all singing dolls that we review, our group felt that at a lower price point, Abuelita Rosa might jump off the shelf and into their carts quicker.  All of our panelists did feel that Abuelita Rosa is something that Grandparents may be more inclined to buy for the kids, especially at this price.

Abuelita Rosa is definitely an original!  With Elmo continuing to dominate the singing toy category (and super-heroes like Spider Man joining in), it is refreshing to have a warm, wholesome fun member of the family enter the industry!  Plus we love that she sings her songs in Spanish.  This isn’t simple word repeat for children, this is the actual songs, sung in their original language and dialect – a great plus!

Abuelita Rosa is a nice addition to any family!  We love her classic Grandma style, and for those children who don’t get to see their grandparents as often as they would like, Abuelita Rosa can substitute as a nice stand-in!  We found that all of our children, whether they were of Hispanic descent or not, were singing or humming along to her songs.  And her singing is a great way to introduce little ones to a new language, or the language of their family!

Manufacturer: Baby Abuelita
Recommended Age: 2+
Retail Price: $24.99
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