5-Star Baby Name Advisor by Bruce Lansky

You use star ratings to select restaurants, hotels, movies and mutual funds. Now Bruce Lansky’s 5-Star Baby Name Advisor gives you an objective way to select from thousand of baby names. In this unique book, Lanksy rates 1,800 popular and unique names and provides more helpful information and advice about each name than you’ll find in any other book. In addition to meaning, origin, and common variations, each name’s profile includes:

Star rating – What is the name’s overall appeal?
Gender clarity – Is the name for a boy or a girl? Will it be confusing?
Ease of spelling – Will the name be misspelled?
Versatility – Will the name work for a variety of formal and informal occasions?
First impression – What will people think of when they hear the name?
Popularity and trend – How popular is the name? Is it too popular?
Ease of pronunciation – Will the name be mispronounced?
Concise advise – What should you consider before selecting the name?
This book can help you pick a name that will give your baby a head start in life!
About the Author
Bruce Lansky is the #1 author of Baby Name books. His other name books include 100,00 Baby Names, 60,000 Baby Names, The Very Best Baby Name Book, 25,000 Baby Names and The New Baby name Survey. He is also editor of a successful series of humor books, children’s poetry books and children’s fiction books. Lansky resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The 5-Star Baby Name Advisor is designed with both the parent and the child-to-be-named in mind. The book itself is divided into three major sections – Star Search, Profiles of Girls’ Names, and Profiles of Boys’ Names. The Star Search section allows parents to skim through a listing of names broken down into star rated categories – 5 being the highest rated, 1 being the lowest rated. To see how the author reached those ratings, simply flip to the Profiles sections and see how each name was rated based off of the criteria listed above.
Our parents found it easy to scan the star rating categories – and easy to look through the Profiles. And the Profiles were packed with enough detailed information and background to make the added search worth it.

There is nothing particularly unique about the graphic design of 5-Star Baby Name. But…it doesn’t need to be. The book can be used as a reference tool for parents to be and the visual appeal was designed for that purpose only.

As we mentioned earlier, this book is set up with the parent and child-to-be in mind. The sections are broken down well and easy to understand. The real plus comes in with the breakdown of each name – including Gender Clarity, Ease of Spelling, Versatility, First Impression, Popularity and Trend, Ease of Pronunciation and Concise Advice. Our parents were pleased to have a chance to explore from potential names from a variety of angles. Moms and Dads that we met with continued to say that they hadn’t thought of their names from all of these angles before – and that this book provided some practical, added insight into how their newborn and his or her name would be received.

$9.95 is a great price for this book. And for this price you sure are getting a lot of information! At $9.95 our parents thought this was a great price to buy this book for themselves or for expecting parents!

There are plenty of baby name books to go around – but few that look at a name from such a detailed perspective in such a simple fashion. It is the function of this book that separates it from the rest.

Five-Star Baby Name Advisor earned 4-Stars on our scale! All of our parents liked having a reference guide to use when thinking about names – and all felt that this book was easy to use and provided lots of great information. Obviously, a lot of the information in this book is opinion, but sometimes that added opinion can provide the perspective and insight parents are looking for in a name. Of all of the baby name books out there, this one stands out as useful and interesting.

Manufacturer: Meadowbrook Press
Recommended Age: Soon to be parents
Retail Price: $9.95
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