Anti STRIAE Cream

Mommy Care’s Anti STRIAE stretch marks prevention cream is a formula of ingredients that are absorbed into the lower layers of Mom’s skin. The ingredients that play a crucial role in the make up of the organic and paraben-free cream are:

  • Avocadin: A natural botanical skin conditioner and moisturizer with UV protection
  • Shea Butter: Butter produced from the Shea nut – nurtures and softens dry areas
  • Vitamin E: An antioxidant to reduce skin damage and strengthen the immune system.

Studies have shown that the daily application of the all-natural ingredients contained within Anti STRIAE can help prevent stretch marks from ever happening. Also, this advanced skin therapy is also known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Open, squeeze and rub! Our Moms concurred that the hardest part would be remembering to do it every day in their daily rush – but otherwise, Anti STRIAE rates well in this category.

Due to the type of product, the panel agreed that it is difficult to rate this product on the basis of durability. The product is available in multiple size tubes and squeeze bottles – as well as sample packets (if you’re lucky enough to get one) – so from a packaging standpoint, the product seems durable.

The packaging looks like any other cream – nothing really made it stand out to our Moms. The cream is white – again, no different than that which they had seen before. What caused the product to standout to our Moms was the smell – all were in agreement that it was pleasant smelling, and, during pregnancy would not send them gagging to the bathroom. Everyone knows that the sense of smell is likely the most defined during pregnancy, and to find a cream that would be non-offensive is extremely important.

Another tough product for our non-pregnant review team to conclude on ratings in the functionality category. Based on the ingredients and the research our Moms were able to quickly pulled up (thank goodness for the web!) – they had no doubt that this cream would work. Many were users of Cocoa Butter during their pregnancy(ies), but some felt that it only worked to a point – so, they said they’d be more than willing to make a switch the next time around.

Yep, you guessed it – a bit expensive. It would be hard for a product to be natural, have all these fabulous ingredients and not be a little pricy. Our Moms agreed, however, that if they were committed to keeping away the stretch marks they would entertain the idea of consistently trying this product. On the other hand, some said they could care less – it’s just a consequence of the pregnancy and childbirth experience and not worth the expense.

Our Moms weren’t struck with the “ah-ha” – there’s anti-stretch mark cream available to any degree. They easily rattled off some other products that they had heard of and/or used at some point. Some referred to oils while others listed other types of butters. When all was said and done, the Moms did concur that the mix of ingredients is a unique formula, making it an original product within its category.

Our reviewers had mixed opinions on this product. Some finished the review by saying they’d like to try it next time around (future pregnancy), while others said they just didn’t see the need to spend the bucks. They did continue to complement the scent – and felt that they would have to conclude that the product would work based on the ingredients. If your belly is growing – take a close look at Mommy Care’s Anti STRIAE stretch mark prevention cream – you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Manufacturer: Mommy Care
Recommended Age: Pregnant Moms
Retail Price: $29.99
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