The coverPlug is a paintable outlet protector with two uses: it puts a physical and visual barrier between your family and electrical receptacles, and it covers outlets that stand out from the walls.  It is molded panel that can be painted for an exact match of walls, then pressed into place over the faceplate.  No tools are necessary to attach or detach the coverPlug.

This category must have been one of the top priorities in the development of the coverPlug – cause, wow, it’s easy! Our reviewers couldn’t deny that it was one of the easiest plug covers to use – and everyone reviewing had a different story with regard to what type of cover they had used or were currently using. Everyone agreed that the individual plastic plugs that fill the holes are super-easy to put in but a giant pain to remove (stories of broken nails and finger cuts ensued). Others had used ones that cause you to have to replace the entire faceplate, which they concluded were easy once fastened, but a nuisance to have to put on in the first place. So, bottom line, coverPlug rates very well in the ease of use category!

The molded plastic seems to be made well and the faceplate posts on the back that align with the ground openings on the outlet appear to be strong. The coverPlug is also made of material that is paintable which gives it the ability to match surrounding walls no matter what colors they may be (as long as you paint it!).

It is obvious that this is the other category that was a top priority in the development of coverPlug. While great for safety purposes, when painted, it blends with the wall creating a visual and physical barrier to the outlet. Even when not painted, the coverPlug is pleasing to the eye unlike many of the unsightly contraptions on the market for outlet protection.

As for the coverPlug’s intended use – it does the job. It covers up outlets and allows the outlet to blend seamlessly with the walls. Here’s the only thing our panel didn’t like – you can’t just use one of the outlets and leave the other one covered! This may leave a bit of a safety hazard – even though your child really should be near a live plug or cord either (obviously, parental supervision is necessary if something is plugged into just one part of the outlet). Discussion came up on this topic, so it is certainly something to think about if covering only one plug at a time is your objective.

The price is in the range of others in this product category; however, it is certainly less expensive to use the standard plastic outlet plugs that will at least accomplish the safety task at hand. Nicer looking, for sure – cost efficient, not so much.

Finding ways to keep little fingers away from dangerous electrical outlets by covering the outlet is not new; on the other hand, finding a way to do it while creating seamless walls with a visual and physical barrier to the outlet is something unique. Painting the cover adds a new twist – and for people who like to keep their rooms looking neat, these would be the way to go.

We know that as soon as our babies start to crawl that everything in our homes becomes a potential hazard. Our panel was excited to see a product that is durable, easy to use and nice to the eye to help in the daunting baby proofing process. The group agreed – the coverPlug would be right for some outlets – especially those that are noticeable; and other outlets that are not as openly visible less expensive, plastic plugs would be satisfactory. If you’re looking for something new in baby proofing – and most definitely if you want to be able to paint over your ugly outlet, invest in a few coverPlugs!

Manufacturer: coverPlug, Inc.
Recommended Age: Birth - 5
Retail Price: $4.00 - $4.99
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