Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit Make Your Own Baby Food Healthy Organic Product Review

The So Easy Baby Food Kit by Fresh Baby is a complete system for making natural baby food at home. The kit includes a cookbook, how-to video, two freezer trays, and a waterproof nutrition and information card. Within the cookbook you’ll find the basics on the introduction of solid foods to a baby’s diet as well as making baby food (over 40 recipes and other serving suggestions organized by age). The how-to video includes step-by-step instruction from selecting produce to making the baby food and serving it. The two freezer trays come with lids and are dishwasher safe (although, you may want to handwash lids a the dishwasher drying temperature may make the lid warp or shrink). The freezer trays and lids are both BP-A and phthalate-free and are made in the USA.   In addition to the So Easy Baby Food Kit, additional food trays can be purchased separately.

Fresh Baby’s So Easy Baby Food Kit offers what may be the easiest way to provide your child with healthy, great-tasting food and as well as freshness and variety. In order to complete the task of preparing the food, you will certainly need a few other things that you probably already have in your kitchen – a cutting board, knife, peeler, spoon, microwave safe dish (or saucepan and steamer basket), a food processor (the books states you can use a blender, but we’d recommend the food processor from the get-go!), and a spatula. Once your food is ready, you’ll also want some plastic freezer storage bags or containers. And, of course, once you’re ready to serve, you’ll need bowls, plates, spoons and a bib for your little one! Yes, it sounds like a lot of things you’ll need to have on hand – but, realistically in only about half an hour a week (if you get some additional storage trays) you can create a week’s worth of baby food!

The review team took a look at all the products within the package from a durability standpoint – starting with the food trays. Overall, they seem pretty durable – the lids snap on and off quite easily and do appear to make a good seal to keep food from getting a freezer burn taste; on the other hand, they were a little concerned that the lids weren’t totally dishwasher safe – and said they wouldn’t risk putting them in the dishwasher if there was a chance they’d come out unable to be used. Next, the panel took a look at the cookbook. It is well made – spiral bound with an outside hard cover – will easily fit alongside other cookbooks in the kitchen. The DVD is just that – a DVD – not much to review here in the way of durability. Finally, the review team took a look at the enclosed nutrition and information card – it is waterproof (hard lamination) that can easily be left on a counter in the kitchen for quick reference.

The packaging is visually appealing – very bright with yellow, green and purple. These colors are carried on throughout the cookbook as well. Simple pictures within the cookbook make it easy to read and follow. The freezer trays pretty much look like old school ice trays with green lids – nothing fancy here, but practical.

From the cookbook to the trays to the nutrition and information card, the So Easy Baby Food Kit is packed with functionality. The cookbook explains how to join together more than one food to create a medley, use herbs and spices, as well how to use the methodology for finger foods (you don’t necessarily have to use the freezer trays for these). In addition, it provides reasonable instructions as to how to take these foods on the go from day care to restaurants and day trips to longer vacations! Along with directions throughout on microwave preparation, it also provides directions as to how to make the food on the stovetop for those either without a microwave (or those that feel that a microwave isn’t as “healthy”). The only negative we could find – this cookbook is for those that don’t mind keeping their child a vegetarian for a while; while the nutrition card states that chicken and turkey can be introduced at around 6 to 8 months, we couldn’t find anything that told us how to prepare these items!

Our panel agreed – store bought baby food is extremely expensive for what is provided – food that likely lacks nutrients and definitely includes unwanted preservatives. The investment in the So Easy Baby Food Kit, for monetary, time and health perspectives is well worth the piece of mind and the savings in the pocket book!

There are other baby cookbooks out there – our reviewers were familiar with a few and had used them when they had made food for their own children. What is different is the packaging of the cookbook, food trays, DVD and information card all together. Our reviewers agreed that their favorite part of the package was the cookbook because it provided so much practical information along with straight-forward recipes and recommendations.

So, so easy! That’s why our reviewers loved it! It’s one thing to “say” you’re going to cook for your baby, it’s another thing to actually “do” it. Time is of the essence when you have a little one and Fresh Baby obviously had that in mind when they created the So Easy Baby Food Kit. Logically, they provide ways for you to cook for your baby in about half an hour a week, using grocery store bought products (they even tell you how to use frozen ones if that’s all you can get your hands on OR don’t even have time to wash and cut!). Our reviewers loved, loved, loved the organized manner of the book – as well as the organization ideas on keeping the food! This product is worth the investment – and it even motivated our Moms to get cooking for their little ones!

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Recommended Age: 6 months+
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