BuckleyBoo BuckleyCat


Each BuckleyBoo teaches babies and toddlers visual matching, small motor coordination and problem solving as they match brightly patterned ribbons and configure 5 different types of plastic buckles. An internal motion activated chime will delight young ears as little fingers buckle their way to mastery. Ages 15 months.

Like most cats, BuckleyCat loves to have his tummy tickled once his buckles are opened. Be sure to give this adorable blue fellow lots of attention, he loves to be included in tea parties and birthday parties and will demand a hug before bedtime. He is well behaved and makes an excellent companion on long car rides.
BuckleyBoo is a line of developmental toys based on multi-stage learning. At 15 months, children develop visual scanning skills and must learn to match the patterned ribbons before they can move on to the next task of buckling. At 18 months, children develop the skills to buckle – at this point the toy becomes interactive between parent and child, as the parent needs to help the child unbuckle. At 3+ years, children develop the cognitive skills and the strength to begin to now learn how to unbuckle each of the different buckles. BuckleyBoos have a 2 1/2 year developmental lifespan.

BuckleyCat is definitely easy to use – hand it over to your little one and let them do the rest – just how our parent’s like it! But – to be honest – some of the children who did try to buckle and unbuckle BuckleyCat did get a little frustrated and need some assistance. On the upside –

BuckleyCat is every bit as adorable as he looks in the picture – and all of the various buckles and clasps opened as they should. So by design and in theory, BuckleyCat is easy to use – but beware – this will be challenging for little ones!

BuckleyCat is not made to drop in the washing machine – so all stains have to be removed by soft surface treatments. Our BuckleyCat got passed from parent to parent and little one to little one – and all minor dirt and stain did come off easily with a little warm water. Additionally, and probably more important – all of the buckles are stitched on well and seem well prepared for all of the activity our children did (and will continue) to put this stuffed animal through.

Super, super cute! Our Moms (and Dads) and especially their little ones all loved BuckleyCat. We showed some images of the other BuckleyBoo Animals and they were all well received. BuckleyCat himself is cute to look at, soft to hold, and all of his clips are decorated with unique ribbons for a fun, happy look!

BuckleyCat is a soft, cuddly stuffed animal, has a little jingle bell inside for added stimulation, and has five separate buckles to latch and unlatch. The genius part here is that from age 15 months to 4 years, children are going to be drawn to different aspects of this cute little guy – from matching, to buckling, and then unbuckling. Our Moms and Dads were all impressed with how their different age range children found something cool about BuckleyCat!

BuckleyCat really fell in-between three and four stars on this one. At $30 some of our parents thought this was just too much. But as always, those were the same parents who would love to receive this as a gift for their child! So…he is a little expensive, but BuckleyCat is packed with functionality and most likely worth every penny!

Buckling and unbuckling toys are not original. And stuffed animals certainly aren’t original. But…put them together and our Moms and Dads thought BuckleyBoo came up with one super-original toy! Combining a hands on activity with a soft and lovable stuffed animal was a great idea! Well done!

BuckleyCat is original and packed with functionality! Cute as a button, and easy to use, BuckleyCat quickly won over our parents’ hearts, and their little ones followed suit! Hand BuckleyCat over to your child and let them enjoy the playtime and companionship with their new sidekick! BuckleyCat is awesome!

Manufacturer: Buckleyboo
Recommended Age: 15 months - 4 years
Retail Price: $29.99
On the Web: www.buckleyboo.com
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