Bowwowmeow Shadow Box Frame

The “Picture Your Pet In a Shadowbox Frame” by Bowwowmeow is an arts and crafts kit that includes the materials needed (except for photos) to create a shadowbox memory frame. The white, wood frame has a glass window, magnetic closure and an easel back to display horizontally or vertically. The frame is 1.75 inches deep to hold photos and small mementos.

Included in the kit are the following supplies to go along with the frame: paint, a paint brush, alphabet stickers, push pins with pearlized heads, glue and wood heart and star shapes.

So easy! Some people just can’t get into the art of scrapbooking because the task is daunting – so many supplies are on the market and it’s not a cheap hobby! The Dog Scrapbook kit, however, can help release your fears as it did for a couple of our skeptical reviewers. ALL the parts (with the exception of your dog pictures and mementos, of course) are included – so you buy the box, you have all you need to put together a scrapbook about your best friend(s).

This is a frame – so, of course, there is always a chance of breakage. The magnetic closure is actually quite strong (stronger than our reviewers would have anticipated). This is certainly not something to be dropped on the floor or throw across the room – but how often do you do that with any other picture frame you own?!

The reviewers and the couple of kids that worked on the project thought the box and the supplies overall looked great; however, they were a little disappointed when they saw that nothing in the kit really had anything to do with animals. The heart and star-shaped wooden pieces are cute – but not what they expected for a “pet project” (we asked our testers to bring a couple items with them to use in their box). Also, the alphabet stickers were useful – but, again, our reviewers would have liked to see more than just letters, maybe a couple of paw prints and/or a bone.

The Shadowbox Frame rates well in this category. First, it’s an art project that will keep you or your child busy for a while. Second, it turns into a great piece of work to proudly display in your home. Additionally, the left over art supplies (paint, paintbrush, glue and lettering) can be used again and again.

Only slightly more expensive than our panel would have liked to see. At $19.99, it’s a bit on the high end of pricing for a project you can only do once. For about five dollars less our panel agreed that it would be really worth it.

Shadowbox frames aren’t original, but marketing them specifically toward pet owners and lovers is! While our team didn’t find much except the packaging that made this a “pet project”, they liked the idea of everything being in one box to make this project complete (except, of course, items to display within in the box).

Kits that are easy to use and complete, have a wide age range and provide a great end product are loved by our reviewers! Again, slightly disappointed that the box didn’t include anything that actually had to do with pets, it definitely did spark the idea to create a piece of work to display our love for our furry friends. Want to do something special for your own little (or big) love – pick up a Bowwowmeow Shadowbox Frame and get to work!

Manufacturer: Bowwowmeow
Recommended Age: 8 years +
Retail Price: $19.99
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