Bowwowmeow My Dog Scrapbook

The BowWowMeow My Dog Scrapbook is a kit that includes all the materials needed to create a memory album of your dog. The kit allows you to use your own photos and mementos with the materials in the kit to create the pages. Once you complete a page, you can slide it into the clear sleeves within the fabric covered scrapbook that is included.  The Dog Scrapbook includes a variety of colorful and patterned papers, dog and lettering stickers, a glue stick, double-sided tape, deckled edge scissors (scissors with a rough edge that give you pictures or paper a scalloped edge look), set of markers, “fill in the blank” pages for you to tell fun facts about your dog, and the scrapbook to put all your work in. All of the materials in the My Dog Scrapbook are acid free.

So easy! Some people just can’t get into the art of scrapbooking because the task is daunting – so many supplies are on the market and it’s not a cheap hobby! The Dog Scrapbook kit, however, can help release your fears as it did for a couple of our skeptical reviewers. ALL the parts (with the exception of your dog pictures and mementos, of course) are included – so you buy the box, you have all you need to put together a scrapbook about your best friend(s).

There a couple items our reviewers pointed out that caused the scrapbook kit to rate well in this category. First, all the papers, glue, markers, stickers and page protectors included in the package are acid free – this will protect the life of the scrapbook. Second, the reviewers noticed that the fabric covered scrapbook was also covered with a plastic sheath to keep the book from getting messy. When you’re done with the project, you can either chose to leave this on (looks like it will keep the fabric clean) – or, take it off – whichever way you choose, looks like this book was made to last.

This kit will make a great-looking scrapbook! The first thing that our reviewers were pleasantly surprised about is the heavy stock patterned paper.  The green page has items such as balls, fire hydrants and bones, while the darker blue contains pawprints and bones – both look professional. The rest of the paper is bright in color from pink to blue (and more). Also, the reviewers had fun with the deckled scissors (yes, their review sheets all had some unique cuts on them!). The dog stickers are cute too, with a few options to choose from (you may want to add some of your own stickers if you have them).

For the most part, all the pieces within the kit are functional. We only ran into two issues; first, the markers aren’t the best – yellow looked good, black looked more like brown and the other colors just seemed a little dried out; second, the glue was mushy – the reviewers weren’t really sure if it was a problem or if it is how scrapbook glue is supposed to be – but it seemed a bit messy. However, even with these two issues, our team agreed that they were not make-it-or-break-it parts of the package – while it would be nice if these parts were perfect, you can’t ask for everything, can you?

At $21.99 our review team thought this was a steal! A scrapbook, scissors and paper would cost more if all purchased separately – forgetting about the added stickers, double stick tape, markers and glue! It’s not often that our review team agrees that something is cost efficient – especially something that comes in a fairly small box!

There are definitely other scrapbook kits out there; however, none that our review team were aware of that were entirely dedicated to man’s best friend. For sure, the pages that are included to “fill in the blanks” about your pet are innovative – statements such as “The celebrity I most resemble is…” and “They almost called me….” – make The Dog Scrapbook one-of-a-kind.

Bowwowmeow gets some major props from our review team on this one! This is scrapbooking made easy (and not too expensive) for not-your-everyday scrapbookers! With all the pieces included in the package it’s the perfect way to save the memories of your furry friend(s).

Manufacturer: Bowwowmeow
Recommended Age: 8 years +
Retail Price: $21.99
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