Bowwowmeow Make Your Dog a Party Collar

The BowWowMeow Make Your Dog a Party Collar kit is a collection of materials to allow you to create one or more festive party collars to help accessorize your dog. The kit contains a wrapped elastic cord, blue organdy ribbon, sequins, pom-poms, an embroidery needle and glue.

Yes, the idea is simple – but the reviewers who worked on this project didn’t seem to have it all that easy. They started by measuring out the elastic cord being sure to leave three inches extra to tie the knot – not too hard. But then, “Which knot is a square knot?” echoed in the room. The directions recommend a square knot, but no reminder as to how a square knot is tied; so, the reviewers tied to the best of their ability and moved on. Next little snag – the glue – how do you open it?! There’s no instructions on the bottle, and it took the bottle being passed around the room until someone could figure it out; however, once open, they were really on their way. From here, we must admit, it got a little easier; the reviewers embellished their ribbons (gluing sequins and sewing pom-poms), laid them out to dry for a bit and then attached them to the elastic cord.

Our reviewers didn’t really feel that these would last too long – concurring that it was dependant on the activity level of the dog it was going to be placed on. Reviewers were concerned that the sequins would fall of if the dog were rough on it – as well as the pom-poms. They did note that they wouldn’t put this on their own dog as they couldn’t really see the need.

Cute – if you want your dog to look like a clown. These collars are certainly not meant to be serious – they’re totally just for fun – so, if dressing up your dog is your cup of tea – and you’d like to make something yourself, this may just be for you. Our reviewers didn’t love the color variation between the sequins and the pom-poms – the sequins are primary color-like and the pom-poms are pastels – just a strange mix.

Not intended as a permanent collar, this collar only has one purpose – entertainment! Really, why else would you want to dress your dog up in a silly-looking collar? There is certainly a market out there for doggy accessories, but this one is a little over-the-top. Cute and worthwhile in theory, but that doesn’t really translate to functionality.

At $14.99 this could be an enjoyable afternoon project – again, of course, if your desire is to dress up your dog. Our team felt that they could probably do without it, but had a couple friends in mind that might be inspired to create!

We’ve got to give it to Bowwowmeow on this one! Yes, it’s original – too original, maybe! Our reviewers were definitely not aware of any other arts and crafts kit that included a Make Your Dog a Party Collar. The reviewers did also like that everything needed was included – the only thing they had to find was some aluminum foil to do the project on top of so that it wouldn’t stick to the table – otherwise, everything was inside!

Our reviewers had a tough time with this one – it is absolutely original and an amusing project to work on; in spite of this, really, how much use are you (or your dog) going to get from it? Based on the categories that our team rates on, the kit actually faired quite well since it did have all the parts in one place and good directions to accomplish the task. Our reviewers recommendation was you keep Bowwowmeow’s Make Your Dog a Party Collar in mind when buying a gift for a friend with a new dog or one who just can’t get enough dog accessories!

Manufacturer: Bowwowmeow
Recommended Age: 8 years +
Retail Price: $14.99
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