Hugga-Bébé is a patent-pending, innovative product that allows children 4-months to toddler years to experience comfort and security while playing in activity centers, jumpers, walkers, and park bucket swings. Hugga-Bébé’s unique wrap-around design literally hugs your baby making those “one size fits all” seats really fit.

Hugga-Bébé is super easy-to-use. Simply lay your Hugga-Bébé flat on the floor, lay your baby on top, and wrap them in comfy and tight! Not one of our parents found any difficulty in wrapping their babies up in Hugga-Bébé.

Like all of our baby products, we put Hugga-Bébé through the most important test – stains! Well, actually we just let babies be babies, and ultimately our parents are forced to deal with stains! And Hugga-Bébé met the challenge. It is machine washable for the big stains, and totally spot cleanable for the little stains. All velcro is stitched on tight, and all seams seem well put together. Our parents found no durability issues whatsoever!

Hugga-Bébé isn’t un-appealing, in fact some of our Moms thought it was downright cute! Remember, this is a useful tool much more than a cute accessory, but with that said, it certainly is easy on the eyes!

This is absolutely, positively where Hugga-Bébé shines! Our Moms and Dads loved using Hugga-Bébé! We had so many comments back that our parents just hated putting their little ones into swings, seats or toys and watching them flop over in the one-size-fits-all world. With Hugga-Bébé the problem is virtually eliminated! Most of our parents said that they used a rolled up towel to wedge in between their child and a seat that was too big – and that had its share of problems (falling out, etc.). But strap your child into a Hugga-Bébé, strap them into the seat and they are perfectly positioned! Excellent functionality!

Price is always such an important factor with our parents when reviewing baby products. Hugga-Bébé is not inexpensive, but it isn’t off the charts either. At $35, this is one accessory parents had better feel they are going to get use out of – and to be honest – some were skeptical as to how often they would use this. Then one Mom mentioned how often she uses her shopping cart floppy seat – and that if she would use that, she would certainly use Hugga-Bébé. Well, it didn’t take long for the rest to agree – and reach a concensus – that Hugga-Bébé was more than worth the price!

5 stars all the way here! None of our parents had ever seen anything quite like Hugga-Bébé – and all were glad someone came along and created it!

Our reviewers were so excited to review Hugga-Bébé. Like we said above, this is a true original, and a wonderful solution to a problem every parent faces. Add in that Hugga-Bébé is easy to use, and actually works, and you’ve got a five star winner every time! Awesome product!

Manufacturer: Hugga-Bébé LLC
Recommended Age: 4 months - toddler
Retail Price: $35.00
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