Hoohobbers Munchingware Children’s Dinnerware & Children’s Silverware

Hoohobbers Munchingware just may be the key to making your children “neater-eaters”! Made of virtually indestructible polypropylene plastic, Munchingware is designed to help even the youngest eaters stay neat and clean while they munch. Footpads hold all of the pieces steadily in place, and the straight sides of the bowl and plate make “capturing” food easier! The extra saucers help catch spills, and the design of the bowl itself makes it difficult to tip. Munchingware is colorfast and dishwasher safe.

Hoohobbers Silverware is designed with your toddler’s natural grip in mind The short necks and stubby grips make it easier for your children to maneuver. The fork tines and spoon are stainless steel for easy care and endless use.

Both Hoohobbers Munchingware and Silverware were reviewed so positively by our parents in the ease of use category. Obviously, dishes are dishes and silverware is silverware, but by their design alone Hoohobbers pieces stood out. The nesting ability of the Munchingware really did help eliminate some spills over the table. And most impressive was the silverware – with large grips that all of our little ones took to easily!

Made of solid polypropylene and stainless steel – there’s not anything that any of our kids could do that was going to harm either the Munchingware or the Silverware. Numerous drops, and runs through the dishwasher and our parents reported back no breakdowns!
There was no Mickey Mouse, Princesses or Buzz Lightyear, but somehow our Moms and Dads were able to convince their little ones that they could still eat off of these plates and use this silverware. For most of our parents, the bright or pastel colors were more than appealing.

Both the Munchingware and Silverware excelled in the functionality department. With footpads for added stability and a uniquely functional design, the Munchingware really did make it a bit easier for our kids to eat. And with a raised lip it was definitely easier for kids to catch their food!
The larger grip handles on the Silverware paired with the short neck made controlling a fork and knife so much easier for little ones. This Silverware really helped reign in out of control fork usage to make eating smoother for kids – and their parents!

Price points of $15 for the Munchingware set and $5 for the Silverware set seemed to agree with most of our parents. At $5 the Silverware was a no-brainer. And while $15 was a bit more than some of our parents wanted to part with for the Munchingware, all of the pieces included helped most feel more comfortable with the price.

The built-in saucers of the Munchingware and the wide grip handles on the Silverware added a touch of originality to every day use items.

Overall our parents really liked Hoohobbers Munchingware and Silverware. The unique design of all of the pieces, matched with durability and a fair price point helped earn these dinner-helpers earn a solid four stars! Nicely conceived, nicely designed, nicely done!

Manufacturer: Hoohobbers
Recommended Age: 1 - 3 years
Retail Price: Munchingware - $15.00
Silverware - $5.00 per set (spoon & fork)
On the Web: www.hoohobbers.com
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